2013, a year as a coach

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2013, un anno da coach

This year has passed in a flash, tiring and satisfying. 2013 was the year in which Ismaele Italo was born, but also the year when I had a car accident and lasting annoying problems at a shoulder. I believe that, in the imagination, a coach should speak only of successes and show off a shiny smile and a white starched shirt, like a star... Laissons tomber!

I was saying of my son, but in 2013 I also made a wonderful discovery: William Faulkner. Antonio Lobo Antunes – the writer I adore – indirectly suggested Faulkner: I remained delighted to read "As I Lay Dying" and "The Sound and the Fury". I still prefer Antunes for his psychological modernity, but Faulkner is able to transform himself from time to time in characters with different and credible languages and feelings ... simply immense. From the time of my first reading of "The Cherry Orchard" and, years later, of "The land at the end of the world", I was not living a so deep human/literary experience.

Noteworthy was also my short business trip to India, which confirms the validity of the prescription to visit a new place every year, with open eyes and heart. If the downturn allows that, of course. That super-humid Sunday of total immersion in the Ahmedabad life left deep traces in me.

But first of all and everyone, there are my coachees, that I will never stop thanking for their trust in me and the many insights they provide during each coaching session. I'm really lucky to meet clients so rich in resources: I am deeply grateful to them.

ReD, the company in which I “pour” commitment and passion, is making a rapid and predictable quantum leap; in 2013 many changes, so many people met, dozens and dozens of clients interviewed, many projects to be launched, the privilege of meeting the Governor of Abruzzo. In short: a great turmoil. And also, a project for prisoners is going to be launched; I'll talk soon of it.

2014? I'll do anything for it to be a year full of change, coaching and satisfaction. On the horizon, very interesting projects and premises...

For the moment, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my readers; let’s meet again here mid-January with a new post.
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