Ready, steady, go! A new career...

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3, 2, 1, via! Una nuova carriera...

Let's start from a wonderful song: “Amore che vieni, amore che vai” by Fabrizio De Andrè.

"Those days lost chasing the wind, asking for a kiss and desiring hundreds more;

in an ordinary day, you'll remember them. Love, you run away from me, you’ll come back.

And you – with eyes of another color – now say the same words of love,

in a month, in a year from now you'll have forgotten them. Love, you come, you’ll run away from me.

Come from the sun or from the frost beaches, come in November or with the summer wind,

I have always loved you, I’ve never loved you: love that comes, love that goes. "

I have already written in a previous post that changing careers several times is now an inescapable reality. Statistics state that in the U.S., during a average working life, one changes careers almost five times and that will soon be the norm in Europe, too. We’re speaking of different careers, jobs, employments, not of just changing employer.

Working life is no longer linear and perhaps rising as until a few decades ago, but has become cyclical, as indeed life tout court.

We start a new job feeling positive moods, we’re interested and passionate, make plans, ask for a kiss desiring hundreds more. Then, a slack period comes, following which there is a minor adjustment, that brings us in a moderately enthusiastic state of mind. Otherwise, from that stage of doubt and indifference, you directly access to an area of exploration and construction of a new career, that is in the career coaching’s territory. And so, a new cycle...

The predictability of the “permanent job” disappears, it’s hard to project into the future with immovable certainty, but in return you get a chance to feel again the positive and regenerating energy of the first phase of a business cycle over and over again. You can exit from the routine and find yourself at thirty, forty, and then again at fifty and sixty to imagine new careers, new futures, to build with new friends new professional and personal challenges. This context is the son of a paradigm of wealth, of choice, of change, of possibilities. Perhaps it will seem exaggerated, but this prospect excites me, excites me as a coach, as a professional and as a person.

I firmly believe that the permanent job - such as the continued growth and other similar concepts - was an illusion "imposed from above" to quell peoples, to control and block the yearning for change and freedom, narcotizing individuals already at twenty. Today we assist to another sign of progress and climbing on the Maslow’s ladder, which I mentioned in "The diffusion of coaching in the era of continuous changes”.

"Gianfranco, you exaggerate" you’ll say, but also life proceeds in this way, isn’t it? Plenty of philosophers since immemorial time talk about the life cycles. And is it not the same also for the nature? For the story? And for the feelings? Love that comes, love that goes.






2 Responses to “3, 2, 1, via! Una nuova carriera…”

  1. Eve Siegel ha detto:

    Great post, Gianfranco! You really captured the rhythm of the song as you described the changing rhythms of people’s professional lives these days. Yes, change is in the air– and there is value to that in finding new energy and new possibilities within the expanding contexts of our working lives. Grazie, Eve

  2. gianfranconocilla ha detto:

    Dear Eve, many thanks for your expert comments.
    I also enjoy that the “spirit” of the song is perceivable even in English.

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