6 am

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6 am

For over twenty years, I’ve been waking up at 6 am.

In high school and college, I liked to stay in bed in the silence, waiting for a grayish light crossing my glass door. Then, for twelve years, the alarm clock would have sounded at six, if I hadn’t invariably turned it off a few minutes before.

Today the alarm may sound at seven, but I prefer to spontaneously get up at six o'clock: I love that hour. Where I live, at six there is still no one on the street, even the bar is closed, everything is asleep, cars are few, lights of the nearby apartments are off. I can carve out three-quarters of an hour for me, forty-five minutes in which only the discreet presence of my dog and my three goldfishes is welcome. I slowly prepare my coffee, serve the breakfast to these loving friends, I read the e-mails arrived in the night and the latest news, all in silence, in darkness, in solitude.

The anxiety of the many things to do is far away. Gradually, I give order and structure to my day and this clearly pushes stress away.

I think back to some memorable awakenings: in late spring 2003 in Rome, in a too large apartment for a single, a Sunday morning surrounded by the strong and unexpected smell of a chocolate cake cooked the night before. Or in the countryside, surrounded by fog, that I didn’t imagine could leave lazy white shreds in the oaks branches. Or in the mountains, where, after a sleepless night and a cold shower, I avoided an old peasant lady who wanted to talk (!) and immersed myself in the solitary exploration of abandoned barns. I have so many memories of quiet awakenings at 6 am, that I have just to think at tomorrow morning to immediately regain calm.

Do you also have or need moments like this?

Have you ever tried to recall them to mind? What effect does this give you?






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