In his image and likeness

on BLOG, Coaching, success 22 Apr, 2018

In his image and likeness

In recent months, I have faced the issue of values in several companies, on several occasions and in different ways (i.e. individual coaching sessions, workshops and group coaching sessions).

What has often emerged is the initial difficulty in defining the concept of value itself, but, once the terminological node is resolved, the agility of the coachees in listing those apparently abstract concepts, which direct their existences, opinions and choices, and that come back over and over again, as in a life refrain.

In about half of the time, I continued the coaching or facilitation activity, accompanying the clients from individual values to company ones and what always strikes me is that the latter:

  • are perceived almost identically by the various colleagues, even from different departments and managerial levels;
  • most of them match those of the CEO or owner.

Here again another demonstration of the role modelling of the top management, which, in fact, shapes the Company's DNA, until, sometimes, to make the Company look even aesthetically like the owner: I think of cold companies, of companies, on the contrary, vain or of those with excess of ego, just like their administrators or founders ...

Obviously, declarations (which may contain evident elements of explicit complacency or unconscious influence) aren't enough: it's necessary to define behaviours in line with said values and those opposed or counterproductive, to recognize the behaviours really practiced and incentivized in the Company and, finally, those embodied by the Executives ... And when there's a deep alignment between values and praxis, between values and daily top management behaviours, the Company can be said complete and coherent. In these cases, integrity is perceptible even to inexperienced eyes and the Company moves agile internally and in the external market, becomes attractive for clients and candidates, meets and builds its success.

In the current increasingly evolved market, doing business doesn't only mean having ideas, resourcefulness and passion for innovation, but possessing a set of ethical and non-ethical values, to be professed, lived and declined in every action, with a great sense of responsibility of the top management.

And in the family? And in the society?

The exact same rules apply, with the difference that the final success, previously mentioned about business, in the case of families and societies is constituted by culture, education, respect, civic sense, progress, awareness. In short: success!






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