It’s time to turn over a new leaf

on BLOG, Coaching, success, transformation 14 gen, 2014

Anno Nuovo, Vita Nuova

The first post in January of a blog about coaching is almost synonymous with action planning for the New Year. Let’s respect traditions!

Before making a good annual action plan, it’s important to take a careful and complete look to the past year. To do so, I invite you to answer instinctively the following questions:

Thinking about 2013, what and who surprised you?

What and who disappointed you in 2013?

What were your successes?

In what did you achieve results far below your expectations?

What was the best moment of 2013?

What worked?

And what did not work?

I was talking about a complete look back to 2013, including all spheres of your life: go back quickly on previous questions, taking into account career, finance, family and friends, love, feelings, fun, health, spirituality, evolution and all categories that are important to you.

Now, let’s move to the New Year.

What do the answers just given to the previous questions tell you about 2013?

Thinking to what disappointed you and did not work, what do you want to abandon?

Thinking to what worked properly and gave you joy and satisfaction, what do you want to bring in the New Year?

What are you ready to change for a successful 2014?

For each category mentioned before, define now a target and associate a slogan to it. To give an example, here you are two of my not professional goals for 2014 with their slogans:

  • To have moments of reflection, surrounded by nature. Slogan: "Not just bread."
  • To reestablish a relationship with some friends. Slogan: "The Samaritans".

Now, you need to translate your goals in specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound actions. Using my two examples, I have:

  • A solitary walk per month one weekend every two months in the countryside, in the company of my dog only.
  • A phone call to a friend a week, on Friday afternoon.

At this point you will have a list of about fifteen targets , slogans and SMART actions; you just have to order them in terms of priorities and positive impact in your life and choose the top five, that you commit to put into practice.

Consider that every habit, to become such, needs a period of at least one month of practice. Expect then some internal resistances, but fight them using the slogans, which anchor you to your goal: to live a successful year. After a while, your actions will become routine.

Good Luck and a Happy, Successful and Satisfactory 2014!






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