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on BLOG, Coaching, development 21 Giu, 2018

As Naus

Let's start from afar: Gianni Amelio has just been awarded the Golden Globe for his career, the prize given by foreign journalists to Italian productions and artists. The motivation is as follows: "Gianni Amelio has given us many cinematographic jewels [...], describing in his cinema unforgettable paternal figures, making them centers of creative gravitation, around which to build wonderful stories".

In my eyes, what makes the award extraordinarily significant is a private detail of the director: in his beautiful Calabria, Gianni Amelio spent a very difficult childhood because of the absence of his father, who, to find his parent who emigrated to Latin America years earlier and never returned, went to Argentina. And he never did return, to the point of pushing his brother to go to Argentina in search of his father and his brother ... In short: a family of white widows, an orphan's life, a narrowness due to the vacuum of that paternal figure, which will become the focus of his sensitivity and his art. And, not inconsiderable detail, during the filming of Lamerica, the director adopted a poor Yugoslav boy and, together with him, also his elderly father. Paternity from absence to value, from pain to human and artistic strength.

A long prologue to arrive at the following reflection: how important it is to face pain and difficulties, metabolize them and transform them into positive strength, in conscious support, in useful warning and guidance for oneself and for others. And not, as sometimes happens to observe or suffer, in recrimination, irresponsible victimization or revenge.

Perhaps, the strength of coaching also stems from the fact that, in the vast majority of cases, we become a coach after a more or less tortuous professional career, which prompted us to take the helm of our choices and to commit ourselves to development of ourselves and our coachees.

And I'm convinced that my reflexion about overcoming past pain makes sense both at the personal level and at the social, cultural, organizational, community and mass levels. Studying our roots, dealing with our traumas and tragic mistakes to transform them in progress and development levers is essential, otherwise the ship that realistically stood in the poster of the film "Lamerica" by Gianni Amelio - already sister of other identical ships headed to New York just a few decades before -

As Naus

instead of generating open, productive, useful, providential, human, just, compassionate arms, will be tempted to accuse uselessly and rape usefully ships-sisters, alas, increasingly desperate.

As Naus

And, if you look carefully at the three images I have proposed to you, you will find - I hope you will realize - that the people on board the boats are always the same ...






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