To change work and life and the cost of ignoring your calling

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Today I am happy to propose an excerpt from a beautiful article by Eve Siegel about changing work and life. Have a look at the image: be ready to go out to the light, to emerge, to finally walk, instead of being just transported into the dark!

Eve is an American colleague specialized in life coaching, I invite you to visit her web site www.kailaslifecoaching.comThe article – originally written for her blog – was published in the June 2011 issue of the monthly ICF magazine, "Coaching Word". When I read this article, I was very impressed by the humanity and the relevance of its subject: to listen to and to give dignity to our calling, to change job and to manage the transition. I warmly thank Eve, who gave me the permission to translate her post and publish it here. Enjoy!

<I had the most fantastic experience the other night listening to Gregg Levoy, author of Callings: Finding and Following an Authentic Life [...] Gregg was a journalist who got the call, but, as he writes in Callings, “Like most people, I will not follow a calling until the fear of doing so is finally exceeded by the pain of not doing so”.

In his own case and those of others he has interviewed, he has noted that “the more we make a claim for our own vitality, the more we help others do the same.” And what is vitality? Vitality is our energy and passion to live fully, to discover our purpose, to awaken to the gifts we have to offer and not just get by – on the job, in our relationships with others – in the short amount of time we have on this planet.

Drawing from American Medical Association research findings that “the majority of heart attack occur around nine o’clock on Monday mornings” (when many of us are going back to work after the weekend), Gregg noted that many people are, “more precisely, going back to work they don’t like, work that doesn’t match their spirits, work that can literally break your heart.”

As coaches, we ask our clients “What fears have locked you into a corner – loss of income, what others will think of you, no future security (rather lass of this these days), no longer belonging to a certain group, losing prestige? When is the cost of ignoring your own inner promptings for change too high? How much have you to suffer or stuff down in your body and spirit before you listen to your own true needs and take the first step towards liberating yourself, your work, your life? How much suffering are you causing others by not heeding your own call for professional and personal fulfilment?”

So if your clients are feeling on the edge, uncomfortable in their careers despite material advantages, or as if they’re just coasting through life, not living out the potential that wants to be expressed, ask them to listen, truly listen within themselves. They may well be feeling a calling to wake up and take the step that can make all the difference in their lives now!>

I just underline a concept: Gregg decided to change career and life when the fear of following his vocation was overtaken by the pain of not doing so. Why to wait so long? Why not to immediately contact a career coach?

What are your fears, which paralyse you? Do we want to transform them in the very levers of your change?






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