To change job: the perfect job exists

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Cambiare lavoro: il lavoro perfetto esiste

The search for the perfect job: an abstraction, a fantasy or a concrete concept?

The perfect job is not what we pursue because profitable, well paid, trendy or the one to which society and family push us since ever. No, the perfect job is the one that reflects our values, our character, our ideals, our uniqueness.

So, we are talking about a concept as practical as personal, which makes the job search so complex and fascinating.

Everyone has a character, a potential, strengths that make him unique and the "perfect job" is simply the occupation that allows the greatest number of those elements or traits to express. It’s not just me to state that: a number of international researches confirm it.

Much of the work-related frustrations come from the distance between what we do and what we are, we know and want to express. So stop dreaming and – alone or, much better, with the help of a career coach – analyze yourself, discover yourself and identify the pillars around which your career should rotate so that the work becomes a call and not a burden. I'm not talking of theory: since years, the most advanced US and Noth European companies do assess the so-called soft skills through a bilan des compétences, allowing candidates to know themselves better and to seek a job that "aligns" tasks to personality, rather than to ambitions. Only then, changing jobs can bear fruit and satisfaction in the long run and not become a sort of frustrating movie, which is repeated endlessly.

Maybe it's a bit hard concept, but, to paraphrase what Kennedy said “do not ask your work to look like you, but look for an occupation that looks like you!” On the other hand, the coach has to challenge, to be a good professional!

I cannot deny that, in times of crisis like now, we often have to accept the first/only available contract; it is unquestionably wise. However, from the first working day, I suggest you to take advantage of the experience and of the salary to begin a journey of self-discovery and construction of your ideal career, to be then prepared to change job for the better or to create one “similar to you”. Certainly do not wait until the end of the contract or, even worse, "the end of the crisis" in a state of depression and despair, as often happens.
In this regard, I would add that most of the qualities that bring to professional success (empathy, ability to work in a team, a sense of belonging to the group, self-confidence, self-esteem ...) are developed during childhood and adolescence. During these fifteenish years, families and schools can play a key role: to make the kid gain awareness and robustness, to the point of making study and work less tiring and stressful and much more enjoyable.

In my next post, I will propose a list of suggestions for those who want to contribute to the future success of their children or pupils.

What's your opinion?

How is your perfect job?

How much are you ready to change your job?






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