Changing life: better a career coach than a shock!

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Il career coaching per cambiare vita

Some years ago, a psychologist told me that human beings cannot ask – and in fact they do not – existential questions every morning under the shower, otherwise they couldn’t even remotely start a "normal" day of work and relations. And this does not absolutely mean that human beings are superficial.

But, on the contrary, I believe it is impossible to never ask existential questions, the risk being to become that predictable machine, managed by outside influences, so beautifully described by Georges Ivanovich Gurdjieff. I add here that I have the impression that a life in which these "existential pauses" are entirely absent is where the society and the media push us, for obvious reasons. A machine is easily manageable and controllable…

Let's come back to the post: in fact, we rarely live a life without ever facing profound questions. A moment when they crop up will for sure arrive, sometimes even against our will. The negative point is that this generally occurs after a serious illness, the death of a relative, the end of a sentimental relation or of a friendship, an important job or financial crisis or an external change (such as a retirement ). On these occasions, as if we descended from a car after a crash, we stop, look at ourselves from outside and ask existential questions. That is the moment when we are open to change our own lives.

My provocative question is: why wait for an external event, generally shocking, before waking up and considering the possibility of reviewing our priorities and changing our life? Why settle for humdrum and get with the flow – perhaps in the opposite direction to our inclinations – just for laziness or fear? Why give credit to the mass media models and messages, which clearly have no value and meaning?

? Developed individuals and societies do anticipate and facilitate their own evolutions, skillfully using the available tools. Some time ago I read in a book that true success means to change our lives by aligning deliberately what we are with what we live.

The career coach offers many ways to access to this state of "wakefulness" and is able to adapt them to the coachee, to customize them according to the client’s needs, his sensitivity and his context. For example, the visualization exercises can help the coachee imagining himself in the future, once completely fulfilled. Consequently, he can imagine and understand what misses, find his motivation and build backwards the path towards profound and lasting satisfaction. The path to a radical life change.

The career coach produces also fast and seemingly meaningless changes in perspective and points of view in order to disorient the coachee. In this way, by reaction, the coachee temporarily abandons external conditioning and finds new solutions that are aligned to his deep and true needs.

Even stories, metaphors, and brainstorming exercises provide valuable opportunities to expand coachee’s mind and, consequently, his life.

So to conclude the post with irony, I wonder: in order to change life in the direction of our own success, it is better to hire a career coach today or to wait a crisis tomorrow?

If you worked with a career coach, how would you realign your life?

What is the distance between what you are and what you live?

When will you hire a career coach to find and build your own professional future?






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