I am specialized in Career Coaching, a very powerful and advanced coaching form.

Having experienced Career Coaching firstly on myself, I could fully understand its strength and benefits.

What is it about? Career Coaching belongs to Transformational Coaching, that is a coaching focused on radical change and evolution, rather than on performances.

The Career Coaching in focused on being rather than on doing .

The Career Coach makes the client explore – and sometimes discover – his basic assumptions, values and ways of thinking, the vision he has of himself and his very goal. Once this is done, the coachee can think in a concrete way to other available possibilities of being and living and make a choice.

Under the guidance of the career coach, the client can then design his desired future, that will be consistent with his aspirations and abilities. He then plans any actions necessary for the realization of the transformation and takes responsibility for a radical change in his professional and/or private life.

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