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Coaching rule # 1: asking for help

on ascolto, BLOG, success, development 1 Feb, 2017

During my coaching sessions, it always strikes me to see how a situation can be unblocked with the simple question "who can help you?". The wonder of the coachee to the question and his relief following the answer are the symptoms of a generalized resistance to the request for help, often seen as a sign of weakness, surrender, inadequacy, poor preparation. On the other hand, we're grown up with proverbs like "no-one is served better than by himself", aren't we?Read more..


on ascolto, BLOG, Coaching 7 Gen, 2016

My 2015 was characterized by a tendinitis in my right wrist, which, muffled, still persists. On February 1st I woke up with a nuisance, which quickly turned into sorrow, to the point of not being able to drive or turning a key. So, I went to my family doctor, to an orthopaedist, and then to a second orthopaedist, in September I went back to the family doctor, who advised me to go to a rheumatologist, who visited me twice. Balance: six visits by four different doctors in about ten months. Solution: no. Read more..