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Success at the job interview

on BLOG, Career Coaching, career, Coaching, success 1 Mag, 2017

Some readers asked me to continue on the theme of the previous post "What not to say in a job interview"; so I compiled a short list of attitudes that are highly appreciated by recruiters. The following tips are all true and taken from case studiesRead more..

What not to say in a job interview

on BLOG, career, Coaching 3 Apr, 2017

Today I want to talk about job interviews, a subject that recurs frequently in my career coaching paths, especially with private coachees. In particular, I will focus on some sentences that can potentially lead to major damage to the candidate and that it's preferable to avoid or to phrase correctly.Read more..

I discriminate, ergo sum

on BLOG, Career Coaching, career, Coaching, success 7 Ott, 2016

It was reported by the newspapers, confirmed by the Italian Council of Statistics and by McKinsey and even denounced by the Pope last year: in Italy, women continue to face discrimination in the workplace. If in a large Italian company the average number of women in the less specialized roles is just over 50%, the proportion thins as you move along the hierarchy, reaching unflattering 81/19 in favour of men in the top management positions.Read more..

What colour is your parachute?

on BLOG, Career Coaching, career, Coaching 24 Set, 2014

Another book that I devoured during my holidays is a classic of career coaching and career counseling: the famous "What colour is your parachute? Practical manual for job-hunters and career-changers" by Richard Nelson Bolles.Read more..

Ready, steady, go! A new career...

on BLOG, Career Coaching, career, Coaching 29 Nov, 2013

Let's start from a wonderful song: “Amore che vieni, amore che vai” by Fabrizio De Andrè. "Those days lost chasing the wind, asking for a kiss and desiring hundreds more; in an ordinary day, you'll remember them. Love, you run away from me, you’ll come back.Read more..

From failure to success

on BLOG, career, success 16 Set, 2013

Our society imposes exclusively successful models and is always ready to appreciate “the success”, even when built on a dubious or morally questionable foundations. Already in the cradle we breathe fear for failure and error, and this inhibits our creative momentum, paradoxically reducing our probabilities of success. Yet, we never reflect enough on the fact that the ancient and recent history is paved with hundreds of examples of exceptional success born precisely from the failure, often repeated.Read more..

Changing job? Sometimes it’s not the best choice

on BLOG, Career Coaching, career 17 Giu, 2013

The career coach’s role is to guide the coachee in the delicate process of building his ideal career and developing skills and knowledge required in his new role. But – even if what I'm about to write may seem a contradiction in terms or at least counterproductive to a career coach – not always changing job is the best choice.Read more..

To change job: the perfect job exists

To change job: the perfect job exists

on BLOG, Career Coaching, career, Coaching 15 Apr, 2013

The search for the perfect job: an abstraction, a fantasy or a concrete concept? The perfect job is not what we pursue because profitable, well paid, trendy or the one to which society and family push us since ever. No, the perfect job is the one that reflects our values, our character, our ideals, our uniqueness. Read more..

Italian firms don’t invest on talents’ career

Italian firms don’t invest on talents’ career

on BLOG, Career Coaching, career 6 Dic, 2012

Although the term "talent retention" is very fashionable in the mid-sized and large companies and appears in the majority of their websites and institutional publications, a recent study by Robert Half (www.roberthalf.it) has confirmed what employees and consultants are clearly feeling for some time: in Italy, companies invest insufficiently on the career of their talents.Read more..

Career coaching and outplacement

Career coaching and outplacement

on BLOG, Career Coaching, career, outplacement 20 Nov, 2012

In Italy we speak more and more of outplacement, but without associating and linking it to coaching and, even more, to career coaching. In this post I’m going to explain why the two concepts of outplacement and career coaching are closely related.Read more..

To changejob ad follow your call

To change work and life and the cost of ignoring your calling

on BLOG, Career Coaching, career 29 Mag, 2012

Today I am happy to propose an excerpt from a beautiful article by Eve Siegel about changing work and life. Have a look at the image: be ready to go out to the light, to emerge, to finally walk, instead of being just transported into the dark!Read more..

The development spiral of career coaching

The career coaching and the beliefs/behaviour/relationships/results spiral

on BLOG, career, Coaching 24 Apr, 2012

The career coaching - as well as the coaching tout court - is at the center of a spiral that links beliefs, behaviors, relationships and performances and feeds an evolutionary process, which, at each iteration, strengthens and confirms each of the four elements.Read more..

Career Coaching Wall

The wall? Let’s break it down with career coaching.

on BLOG, career, Coaching 5 Apr, 2012

Today I present the words with which, a year ago, a coachee started her first career coaching session with me: "Gianfranco, no salary increase neither this year!Read more..