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Organizations are evolving towards partnership

on BLOG, Career Coaching, Coaching, success, development 7 Gen, 2019

Solicited by some readers, I treat a second time the subject of my previous post (Win-win from prehistory to the present day), addressing the evolution of organizations in terms of collaboration and partnership, concepts evidently very close to that of win -win.Read more..

Hidden agenda

on BLOG, Coaching, success, development 29 Mag, 2018

"The motives of a man are not beautiful to verify" the Italian songwriter Ivano Fossati sang. And the REAL motives of a man are at the base of the so-called hidden agenda, a very current topic in the corporate world, in private and in public contexts.Read more..

In his image and likeness

on BLOG, Coaching, success 22 Apr, 2018

In recent months, I have faced the issue of values in several companies, on several occasions and in different ways (i.e. individual coaching sessions, workshops and group coaching sessions).Read more..

Success at the job interview

on BLOG, Career Coaching, career, Coaching, success 1 Mag, 2017

Some readers asked me to continue on the theme of the previous post "What not to say in a job interview"; so I compiled a short list of attitudes that are highly appreciated by recruiters. The following tips are all true and taken from case studiesRead more..

What stops you?

on BLOG, Coaching, success, development 1 Mar, 2017

Have you ever had a great idea, so convincing, that seemed the right one to start a good business or to change your life for the better, but you didn't take any action? Know that this happens to many people: they stop at the idea generation phase, without going into action and ... often ask their coach the reason of this block!Read more..

Coaching rule # 1: asking for help

on ascolto, BLOG, success, development 1 Feb, 2017

During my coaching sessions, it always strikes me to see how a situation can be unblocked with the simple question "who can help you?". The wonder of the coachee to the question and his relief following the answer are the symptoms of a generalized resistance to the request for help, often seen as a sign of weakness, surrender, inadequacy, poor preparation. On the other hand, we're grown up with proverbs like "no-one is served better than by himself", aren't we?Read more..

Simple rules for a 2017 to forget

on BLOG, Coaching, success, development 4 Gen, 2017

I bet that 2016 reserved to you many surprises (both positive and negative), and that, despite having most of the time tried to make the right choice, not everything was happy, easy, desirable, successful. I also believe that you thought more than once about how it would be nice to live getting everything right away and with minimal effort; but this is nothing more than an illusory fantasy, source of frustration. What, however, is certain is that our approach makes the difference, regardless of what happens to us.Read more..

I discriminate, ergo sum

on BLOG, Career Coaching, career, Coaching, success 7 Ott, 2016

It was reported by the newspapers, confirmed by the Italian Council of Statistics and by McKinsey and even denounced by the Pope last year: in Italy, women continue to face discrimination in the workplace. If in a large Italian company the average number of women in the less specialized roles is just over 50%, the proportion thins as you move along the hierarchy, reaching unflattering 81/19 in favour of men in the top management positions.Read more..

The first furrow is not a furrow

on BLOG, Career Coaching, Coaching, success 13 Mag, 2016

The wise and concrete peasant culture produced the saying "the first furrow is not a furrow": what is enacted for the first time is necessarily flawed for lack of practice, but, by repeating the action, you learn to "straighten out" the way and to excel.Read more..

Success in major company changes

on BLOG, success, transformation 9 Mag, 2014

I was reading with interest the results of a U.S. study: about 70% of major company changes fails. Questioning the executives of the top U.S. companies, the prevailing interpretation is that the failures are not related to lack of resources or skills, but rather to the resistance to change opposed by the organization itself.Read more..

Coaching: the art of managing resistance

on BLOG, Coaching, success, development 10 Feb, 2014

There are those who define coaching as the art of managing coachees’ resistance. Tout court.Read more..

It’s time to turn over a new leaf

on BLOG, Coaching, success, transformation 14 Gen, 2014

The first post in January of a blog about coaching is almost synonymous with action planning for the New Year. Let’s respect traditions!Read more..


on BLOG, Coaching, success 4 Ott, 2013

Last week, “kindly pushed" by my daughter, I saw at the cinema "Turbo", the new Dreamworks animation film. Putting aside prejudices and attitudes of indulgence, I decided to immerse myself for an hour and a half in history: immediately Turbo proved to be a clear metaphor for coaches. What could be more optimistic and educational of a snail, who wants to win a car race? Moreover arriving first?Read more..

From failure to success

on BLOG, career, success 16 Set, 2013

Our society imposes exclusively successful models and is always ready to appreciate “the success”, even when built on a dubious or morally questionable foundations. Already in the cradle we breathe fear for failure and error, and this inhibits our creative momentum, paradoxically reducing our probabilities of success. Yet, we never reflect enough on the fact that the ancient and recent history is paved with hundreds of examples of exceptional success born precisely from the failure, often repeated.Read more..

Good luck or bad luck in a coaching tale

on BLOG, Career Coaching, Coaching, success 5 Lug, 2013

Since many months I’ve not been posting a coaching tale. Today I propose a Taoist tale about success, which can be easily used in a coaching session. It's entitled "Horses" and speaks of the wisdom inherent in being able to wait and take the positive side even in the most difficult situations. Read more..

Success is built in childhood: Decalogue

Success is built in childhood: Decalogue

on BLOG, Career Coaching, Coaching, success 30 Apr, 2013

In the previous post I talked about the importance of identifying, knowing and asserting our "soft skills" to be able to make our life and work enjoyable and rewarding. Today I propose a set of guidelines, a “Decalogue”, which I think could be useful to anyone who lives or works with kids. You, in fact, dear reader, can play a key role in the development of these innate skills and, therefore, in the future kid professional choices, so that they can be a source of satisfaction and accomplishment. Read more..

The Role Modelling at the heart of career coaching

The Role Modelling at the heart of career coaching

on BLOG, Career Coaching, Coaching, success 2 Gen, 2013

One of the principles that one learns during a master's degree in coaching is "being a model for your coachees." This concept embodies a truth that is both ethical and professional.Read more..

Career coaching in the life gym

Career coaching in the life gym

on BLOG, Career Coaching, Coaching, success 26 Set, 2012

Are you ready to develop with coaching your “inward muscles” as these biceps? And to hypertrophy your ability to make choices? Enjoy this post.Read more..

Il successo ed il career coaching

Success through career coaching: start with the end in mind

on BLOG, Career Coaching, success 31 Lug, 2012

The late Stephen Covey, in his influential book “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective”, proposes seven stages that lead the reader from dependence to independence to interdependence and, from there, to success. The book is classified in the management literature, but in my opinion its message goes well beyond the “work”, being very useful also in private life and in the relationships with others. I recommend it.Read more..

Il career coaching ed il coaching e la cultura del successo

Career coaching turns training into success

on BLOG, Career Coaching, Coaching, success 28 Giu, 2012

It is known that traditional training gives very modest effects on trainee’s performances already in the short term. After just a few weeks, new notions are completely set aside, performances and behaviours go back to old ones.Read more..

Successful Coaching

Nine tips for a successful coaching

on BLOG, Coaching, success 22 Mag, 2012

  Oggi vi propongo una lista di suggerimenti per trovare il coach giusto per voi. Nelle mie intenzioni, questo post è indirizzato a chi si appresta ad ingaggiare un coach e a chi necessita di raccomandazioni per avviare una relazione di coaching di successo. 1. Di cosa hai bisogno? Di un mentore, di un consulente,Read more..

Succes, Career Coachng and Insanity

About career coaching, success, habits and... insanity

on BLOG, Career Coaching, Coaching, success 8 Mag, 2012

Insanity is often defined as the repetition of the same actions or behaviours, hoping that the results can change.Read more..

Il successo grazie al coaching e un piano di azioni

Success is an action plan

on BLOG, Coaching, success 3 Mag, 2012

The practical result of a coaching session is always an action plan, generated by the coachee and to which the coachee commits himself. This is one of the main coach’s challenges, maybe the element that makes the coachee reach his goal, that is his success.Read more..

Il coaching e la gestione dello stress

The coaching and the work-related stress evaluation

on BLOG, Coaching, success 18 Apr, 2012

Since the 80s, the Job Content Questionnaire (JCQ) by Robert Karasek is probably the most used model for the analysis of subjective data in the work-related stress. Read more..