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Organizations are evolving towards partnership

on BLOG, Career Coaching, Coaching, success, development 7 Gen, 2019

Solicited by some readers, I treat a second time the subject of my previous post (Win-win from prehistory to the present day), addressing the evolution of organizations in terms of collaboration and partnership, concepts evidently very close to that of win -win.Read more..

Win-win from prehistory to the present day

on BLOG, development 13 Dic, 2018

Over the years, how many times have I already written about win-win? Five or six. And those who know me in person know that I mention it without stopping. Stephen Covey, in his "The seven habits of highly effective people", considers the win-win the mental habitus at the base of the path that leads to public success and interdependence. Read more..

As Naus

on BLOG, Coaching, development 21 Giu, 2018

Let's start from afar: Gianni Amelio has just been awarded the Golden Globe for his career, the prize given by foreign journalists to Italian productions and artists. The motivation is as follows: "Gianni Amelio has given us many cinematographic jewels [...], describing in his cinema unforgettable paternal figures, making them centers of creative gravitation, around which to build wonderful stories". Read more..

Hidden agenda

on BLOG, Coaching, success, development 29 Mag, 2018

"The motives of a man are not beautiful to verify" the Italian songwriter Ivano Fossati sang. And the REAL motives of a man are at the base of the so-called hidden agenda, a very current topic in the corporate world, in private and in public contexts.Read more..

Life and career cycles

on BLOG, Coaching, development 3 Lug, 2017

We have talked about this topic several times in the blog: modern life is no longer linear, is no longer "outside-in" and doesn't contain lasting steady state periods anymore; the new paradigms indicate a cyclical life, with many transition and development phases, characterized by "inside-out" and continuous study, which is no longer relegated to childhood and adolescence.Read more..

What stops you?

on BLOG, Coaching, success, development 1 Mar, 2017

Have you ever had a great idea, so convincing, that seemed the right one to start a good business or to change your life for the better, but you didn't take any action? Know that this happens to many people: they stop at the idea generation phase, without going into action and ... often ask their coach the reason of this block!Read more..

Coaching rule # 1: asking for help

on ascolto, BLOG, success, development 1 Feb, 2017

During my coaching sessions, it always strikes me to see how a situation can be unblocked with the simple question "who can help you?". The wonder of the coachee to the question and his relief following the answer are the symptoms of a generalized resistance to the request for help, often seen as a sign of weakness, surrender, inadequacy, poor preparation. On the other hand, we're grown up with proverbs like "no-one is served better than by himself", aren't we?Read more..

Simple rules for a 2017 to forget

on BLOG, Coaching, success, development 4 Gen, 2017

I bet that 2016 reserved to you many surprises (both positive and negative), and that, despite having most of the time tried to make the right choice, not everything was happy, easy, desirable, successful. I also believe that you thought more than once about how it would be nice to live getting everything right away and with minimal effort; but this is nothing more than an illusory fantasy, source of frustration. What, however, is certain is that our approach makes the difference, regardless of what happens to us.Read more..

Coaching and Permaculture: the totality of modest work...

on BLOG, Career Coaching, Coaching, development 24 Giu, 2016

For some months I'm studying Permaculture, that interests me and fascinates for its ethical, sustainable, holistic, rigorous and imaginative approach to agriculture and society. After several readings on Permaculture, I came across the following sentence of one of its two founders, Bill Mollison: "all of us would acknowledge our own work as modest; it is the totality of such modest work that is impressive".Read more..


on BLOG, Career Coaching, Coaching, development 14 Apr, 2016

I want to share one of those experiences that confirm that you are on your way, you made a good choice, you can attend and feed an environment in which a proper weight is given to the concept of value: last Saturday I attended the second day of XIII Conference of ICF Italy, the Italian Chapter of the International Coach Federation.Read more..

Leaders are alone

on BLOG, Career Coaching, Coaching, development 8 Mar, 2016

Week of flu = week of reading. In February, I had the misfortune of having to spend a week at home for flu, which gave me the luxury, in the days after the climax, to devote hours and hours to reading. And a book that was waiting for me on the shelf for a few months was "Leaders are alone" by Fabrizia Ingenito, executive coach, popularizer, former president of the International Coach Federation Italy. Read more..

Here you are a worst case

on BLOG, Coaching, development 5 Gen, 2015

I want to tell about an event experienced firsthand, a year and a half ago. There is no invention in this story: it's pure news.Read more..

Practical Intuition

on BLOG, Coaching, development 5 Set, 2014

In August, I was able to dedicate every day a few hours to reading. In recent months, I had amassed a dozen volumes, that I couldn't read due to the lack of calm, which is necessary to carefully and deeply understand a text. One of such books is "Practical Intuition" by Laura Day...Read more..

Coaching in Flexicurity

on BLOG, Career Coaching, Coaching, development 29 Mag, 2014

I want to discuss of a subject that, fortunately, was touched several times in this campaign: flexicurity.Read more..

"We were not made to live as brutes" CONT’D

on BLOG, Career Coaching, Coaching, development, transformation 2 Mar, 2014

My wishes for Easter 2013 had the form of a description of a mass in an Italian penitentiary. Today, after almost a year, I want to share a very unusual – or even unique for a career coach – and enriching experience: a series of motivational interviews I conducted to select some workers in a maximum security prison. Read more..

Coaching: the art of managing resistance

on BLOG, Coaching, success, development 10 Feb, 2014

There are those who define coaching as the art of managing coachees’ resistance. Tout court.Read more..

The career break for managers and professionals

on BLOG, Career Coaching, Coaching, development 24 Ott, 2013

In Italy, the career break is starting to spread: no longer a luxury for professors and millionaires, or a leap of faith à la Chatwin, but a real opportunity for managers and professionals.Read more..


on BLOG, Career Coaching, Coaching, development 7 Giu, 2013

In the June issue of Cosmopolitan Italy, an article entitled "What I learnt from my foreign colleague". It contains six interviews commented by me, with some advices to make the experience abroad a source of satisfaction and success also after coming back home. A very nice experience for me and - I am sure - an useful tool for the readers.Read more..

Coaching and Microcredit

on BLOG, Coaching, development 18 Mar, 2013

    Cosa c’entra un post sul microcredito in un blog dedicato al career coaching? Forse niente. Un paio d’anni fa avevo letto su una rivista francese un articolo sul microcredito e l’argomento mi aveva interessato molto, ma un po’ per pigrizia e un po’ perché “c’è sempre altro da fare”, non mi ero attivato.Read more..