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Coaching è generosità

Coaching is generosity

on BLOG, Coaching, team coaching 9 dic, 2017

If I think of my 2017, the word that immediately comes to my mind is undoubtedly "generosity".Read more..

Il coaching ai fornelli

Coaching at the stoves

on BLOG, Coaching, team coaching 19 giu, 2014

If I say "kitchen" what do you think? I know that television influences us all, but food is something else: it is rigueur, innovation, cleanness, hygiene, risk, consciousness, hierarchy, study, physical endurance (not just physical). Read more..

Due giochi per il team coaching

Two games for team coaching

on BLOG, Coaching, team coaching 11 nov, 2013

He sang a friend "I'll never more look for words that I do not find, to tell you old things with new dress". Today I’ll not give descriptions of team, high-performance teams nor of team coaching. Assuming all this, today I want to talk about two "games", that are very useful for conducting a session of team coaching.Read more..