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Coaching is generosity

on BLOG, Coaching, team coaching 9 Dic, 2017

If I think of my 2017, the word that immediately comes to my mind is undoubtedly "generosity".Read more..

Coaching at the stoves

on BLOG, Coaching, team coaching 19 Giu, 2014

If I say "kitchen" what do you think? I know that television influences us all, but food is something else: it is rigueur, innovation, cleanness, hygiene, risk, consciousness, hierarchy, study, physical endurance (not just physical). Read more..

Two games for team coaching

on BLOG, Coaching, team coaching 11 Nov, 2013

He sang a friend "I'll never more look for words that I do not find, to tell you old things with new dress". Today I’ll not give descriptions of team, high-performance teams nor of team coaching. Assuming all this, today I want to talk about two "games", that are very useful for conducting a session of team coaching.Read more..