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on BLOG, transformation 29 Nov, 2018

  Cari lettori, dopo una lunga assenza dal blog, torno con un mio articolo, pubblicato la settimana scorsa sul sito della Fondazione Lavoroperlapersona. Si tratta della storia di un’iniziativa di cui vado molto fiero: la creazione e lo sviluppo di un reparto produttivo all’interno del Penitenziario di Lanciano, in provincia di Chieti. Una storia diRead more..


on BLOG, transformation 7 Mag, 2015

Tuesday I had the opportunity to visit for a few hours the EXPO: I wanted to have a first impression as soon as possible and understand what it was in reality. For two years I had loaded the event of high expectations: in fact I hoped to receive from the Expo decisive information and points of reflections on food, nutrition, new technologies, future, progress, hunger, and I hoped that the Universal Exposition could be an opportunity to make humanity make a step forward towards a more modern, sustainable, equitable concept of food.Read more..

Success in major company changes

on BLOG, success, transformation 9 Mag, 2014

I was reading with interest the results of a U.S. study: about 70% of major company changes fails. Questioning the executives of the top U.S. companies, the prevailing interpretation is that the failures are not related to lack of resources or skills, but rather to the resistance to change opposed by the organization itself.Read more..

"We were not made to live as brutes" CONT’D

on BLOG, Career Coaching, Coaching, development, transformation 2 Mar, 2014

My wishes for Easter 2013 had the form of a description of a mass in an Italian penitentiary. Today, after almost a year, I want to share a very unusual – or even unique for a career coach – and enriching experience: a series of motivational interviews I conducted to select some workers in a maximum security prison. Read more..

It’s time to turn over a new leaf

on BLOG, Coaching, success, transformation 14 Gen, 2014

The first post in January of a blog about coaching is almost synonymous with action planning for the New Year. Let’s respect traditions!Read more..

The right person in the right place

on BLOG, Career Coaching, Coaching, transformation 14 Mag, 2013

What do we need? Right people at the right place and positive models. We do already have too many wrong people in wrong places and negative models and the effects are so visible. What makes Pope Francis so appreciated and popular? His consistency, modesty, simplicity, normality, example, model. Read more..

Coaching: from quicksand to change

on BLOG, Career Coaching, Coaching, transformation 29 Gen, 2013

How many times have we found as in quicksand? We were aware of the situation, we wanted to get out, friends and relatives invited us to do it, but we were burying more and more. Maybe we were also “auto-psychoanalyzed" in depth, looking for reasons, background and… alibis. But in fact we were keeping burying.Read more..

A recipe to change your life: protect from negative people

A recipe to change your life: protect from negative people

on BLOG, Career Coaching, Coaching, transformation 17 Gen, 2013

To stay with positive people: here you are one of the main tricks to change life for the better and take control of your energy. On the other way round: to protect from negative people. It seems a superfluous advice, but I invite you to reflect on how many friends or relatives you continue to meet and bear, despite their black mood, their depressive and depressed vision of life. I bet you have more than one!Read more..

Cambiare vita col coaching: “Co-Active Coaching”

A manual to change life through coaching: “Co-Active Coaching”

on BLOG, Coaching, transformation 3 Ott, 2012

Today I want to talk about a very useful and rich coaching manual, to be suggested to those who are interested in the discipline and even to the professional coaches. The book –that I have called, not surprisingly, "a manual to change life through coaching" – is titled "Co-Active Coaching, new skills for coaching people towards success in work and life" by Laura Whitworth, Karen and Henry Kimsey- House and Phillip Sandahl, published by Nicholas Brealey Publishing.Read more..

Career coaching ed autenticità

Authenticity according to “Agrado”

on BLOG, Career Coaching, Coaching, coaching and art, transformation 21 Ago, 2012

It costs a lot to be authentic, madam. And one cannot be stingy with these things, because you are more authentic the more you resemble what you’ve dreamt of being...Read more..

il coaching e la rinascita

"The Animal" by Franco Battiato: about rebirth

on BLOG, Coaching, coaching and art, transformation 14 Ago, 2012

Living is not difficult, if you can be born again...Read more..

Il coaching nell’epoca del cambiamento

The diffusion of coaching in the era of continuous changes

on BLOG, Coaching, transformation 19 Lug, 2012

The question I ask today is why coaching is spreading. In the sense of why now, in this precise moment, a moment characterized by profound changes and revolutions. My idea is that coaching is intimately linked to this climate of change: they both interpret the same burst of evolution, they are two different aspects of the same process.Read more..