Chto delat’?

on BLOG, Coaching 2 Dic, 2015

Chto delat'?

Twenty days ago, the horror of the Bataclan.

As usual, I'd rather not write on impulse; actually I do not even think on impulse. The week after the attacks of November 13th, several friends tried to involve me in the debates and comments, and I "fell" only once, with an extremely qualified audience. And I immediately regretted. But nobody asked me what I thought or felt about, having lived in France, knowing Paris, having my family in-law in France, having Muslim wife and family in-law. Nobody. Anyway, I didn't and don't have answers, except so much sadness.

The question I ask now is: chto delat'? What to do? How to continue? How to think to the future as if nothing had happened, as if there wasn't a lesson to be learned? How to avoid wondering to act differently? How to continue relationships with people who have succumbed to the ease of superficiality, of the commonplace, of the offense, of the hate?

I ask these questions because, both for work and in private life, I always look for feedbacks, I always reflect retrospectively on what happens to me and this time the scenarios are disturbing. I do not think to a nuclear war, but much worse: I am referring to oblivion and to the sense of irresponsibility.

I think that an Italian young lady as Valeria (as mythologized as Valeria) is a reference and a model of morality, civic engagement, study, sensitivity, modernity, curiosity, beauty of life. I'd love to think – again in retrospect – that I succeeded to forward her example to my children. More I cannot say or think.

Chto delat'?






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