Life and career cycles

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Life and career cycles

We have talked about this topic several times in the blog: modern life is no longer linear, is no longer "outside-in" and doesn't contain lasting steady state periods anymore; the new paradigms indicate a cyclical life, with many transition and development phases, characterized by "inside-out" and continuous study, which is no longer relegated to childhood and adolescence.

Is change frightening? Or is it exciting? Does it make you dream and hope? Or does it block you? Each of us, each of my coachees, feels something different, but what unites is the certainty that change exists, is inevitable and is increasingly massively present in our lives.

It's now possible to imagine our life as a series of chapters, characterized by a transition phase that follows a consolidation period, and precedes the next one. When you are in the middle of such a transition phase, you feel disoriented, sometimes sad, even disdained; this is often the moment when a coachee contacts the coach, who has the delicate task of guiding the client into an internal journey towards identity and values, in order to turn uncertainty into a vivifying development and renewal phase. In a well-managed transition, you are faced with an introspective process, discovering new possibilities that add value to your life, leveraging on past experiences, on your "inner self" and on future ambitions. Only in this way you can prepare to build a new piece of life, ready and eager to look around, to deepen new topics, to imagine and shape the near future. In short, to renew, you need to be able to build a new chapter of "external" life (i.e., visible change, the end result of the cycle) and rediscover new internal resources.

In today's world, the secret of a resilient life consists in knowing how to "recycle", addressing every new phase with the necessary disenchantment – to abandon what is no longer desired – and enthusiasm, so that the next chapter represents a new vision of yourself, life and career.

On the other hand, by strongly excluding the hypothesis of a life guided by the case, by others, or external events, each of us is the only one who can open doors, close others, forging the coming times; with this approach, we can design and invent next life and career cycles. The alternative is that change – which will nevertheless happen – gets us unprepared and overwhelms us, without letting us "use it" and climb on, as would a surfer.

What idea did you do about it?

Does it seem a theoretical post to your eyes? I assure you that it is not: so many coachees have managed to design and live the next change as protagonists.

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