Coaching is generosity

on BLOG, Coaching, team coaching 9 Dic, 2017

Coaching è generosità

If I think of my 2017, the word that immediately comes to my mind is undoubtedly "generosity".

The generosity of two eminent professionals, who made me enter in their new professional and entrepreneurial project of executive coaching and high consultancy.

The generosity intrinsically connected to the role of voluntary curator for unaccompanied foreign minors, for whom I finished my training last week and that I hope to be called to cover soon.

The generosity of three different PCC colleagues, who gave me the opportunity to collaborate with them on three completely different "platforms", regardless of the outcome of our meetings and our reflections.

The generosity, which implicitly pervades every coaching interaction, in both directions:

  • from the coach to the coachee, when the professional provides the client presence, listening, experience and techniques, with the sole aim of contributing to his progress and success;
  • from the coachee to the coach, when the client, opening up, gives the coach the greatest gift, that is trust, sincerity and vulnerability.

And I also think of the generosity inherent in the concept of "win-win", which is, for me – as my readers, colleagues and friends for sure know – a sort of eleventh pagan commandment and that this year I really stressed, for reasons of force majeure.

I like to remember that, since January, two techniques have been repeatedly requested to me, demonstrating the great flexibility of coaching and the great interest that, in Italy, nowadays, is recorded around it. If I think that in 2006 the non-sporting coaching was absolutely unknown and that I'm now contacted specifically for shadow coaching and team coaching services, I'm more than happy!

This 2017 also brought disappointments, mistakes that I wouldn't repeat, required many efforts, imposed the indispensability of upcoming farewells, very difficult to accept ... but I prefer to dwell on the gift and generosity, because my character imposes that and because, quoting a Master Certified Coach colleague: "the coach is either generous and genuinely interested in his coachee, or is not".

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Good Generosity!






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