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How is a post about microcredit related to a career coaching blog? Maybe in no way.

A couple of years ago I read in a French magazine an article about microcredit and the topic interested me a lot but, a little for laziness and a little because “there is always other to do”, I did nothing.

A month ago I received an e-mail from a friend entitled "An invite to try lending on Kiva". Maybe it was the right time: I registered on the site www.kiva.org, I did the same for my wife and we finally started financing some African agricultural micro-enterprises.

Microcredit consists in small loans needed to start a business up or to deal with unexpected or urgent expenses, or to help women and entire communities in difficult situations.

The proponents do not have access to traditional credit circuit because socially disadvantaged or underprivileged and microcredit can break the deeply unfair, discriminatory and undemocratic loop for which those who have no guarantees to offer to the banks cannot undertake activities to exit from their own status of poverty.

Let me be clear: this is not a charity (otherwise I would not be here to brag about). The proponents undertake to reimburse the received loans according to a clear plan and sometimes even compensate for any currency exchange loss. Of course there are no guarantees for the lender, but the fragmentation of the loans in small amounts (eg, $ 25) makes the exposure and the risk very limited.

Why do I consider microcredit so worthy and why do I speak of it?

Because – as I said before – it allows to break a vicious cycle. Even if, I believe that still very few people are aware of and have access to this opportunity, which requires access to the web and other services.

Because microcredit gives a tangible contribution to the development of an idea, to the development of an enterprise, to the development of an entrepreneurial mindset that goes beyond the constraints of history, sex and society.

Because it indirectly allows the development of a way of seeing oneself and one's future not as a continuation of the past, but as a whole that can be shaped.

Because microcredit allows to dare and create.

Because we have a moral duty to countries that are still or have to be still or it’s worth they are still in poverty.

How is a post about microcredit related to a career coaching blog? Maybe it’s the same stuff.

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