The International Coach Federation (ICF) gives this definition of coaching: “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential”.

Coaching is a process of communication that helps the coachee to clarify his goals and to discover more effective approaches to achieve them. The coach anchors the client to his own internal strengths and, subsequently, allows to optimize his performances.

Coaching is also a success management tool, an accompanying service, a personal and professional development method, a communication style, a transformational process…

When to hire a coach

When you want to develop your potential!

When you want to reach success, effectiveness, balance and an evolution aligned with your own values.

When you decide to improve your relationships and communication skills and to plan personal and/or professional changes.

The coach's role

The coach helps the client (called coachee ) to find the answers and the solutions which fit the best his human and professional context, his personality, values and ambitions.

The coach acts as a catalyser for the coachee’s success.

The three pillars of coaching

To guarantee the effectiveness of a coaching programme, the following three conditions have to be necessarily satisfied:

  • committment: the coachee adheres spontaneously to coaching, ensuring involvement and commitment;
  • confidentiality: what happens in a coaching session belongs uniquely to the coachee. The coach will never communicate it to anyone;
  • transparency: the communication between coach and coachee is direct, open, honest, nonviolent and marked by exchange of views and absence of judgement.

The two coaching macro categories: Corporate and Personal Coaching

The term Corporate Coaching means coaching aiming at the development of the targets defined by the company/customer (e.g. talents, high flyers, middle management …).

On the contrary, Personal Coaching is ordered directly by the client/coachee.

More detailed descriptions in the following pages.

Why relying on Gianfranco Nocilla

  • Because I have a long experience as a coach, with very high satisfaction and retention levels.
  • Because I never stop studying and applying innovative coaching methods and approaches, in order to always provide the most advanced and customised support to my coachees.
  • Because I am accredited by ICF, the biggest worldwide association of professional coaches.