Personal Coaching is the coaching directly ordered by the coachee.

When to hire a Personal Coach?

The Personal Coach is your ideal ally when you want to:

• define and reach personal goals;
• design and manage changes or transformations;
• live harmonically: work/life balance;
• develop effective communication and listening;
• manage and solve conflicts;
• manage your own and others’ stress;
• challenge the status quo;
• get over professional or personal obstacles;
• improve his own time organisation and management.

The Personal Coaching Process

In the preliminary, free session, I verify the motivation of the coachee-to-be and the suitability of the coaching process. If the interest from both my and coachee’s sides is confirmed, the agreement is taken. In this first session, the coachee also clarifies and defines the macro-goal of his coaching path.

Then, the sessions follow a program agreed by coach and coachee and can be in person, by telephone or in telepresence. Generally, some feedbacks are gathered during the process, in order to increase the coaching effectiveness and the coachee’s satisfaction.

The result of a coaching session is always a plan of SMART actions (that is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound actions), towards which the coachee is held fully accountable.