It’s well recognised that the association of consulting and coaching allows to intervene in multiple company arenas. The coach-consultant plays several roles in the same time: interviews, facilitates the change, coaches, develops the leadership in the team, suggests an effective communication, encourages useful relationships for the business…

As a consultant, I cover the following areas:

project management: I train and coach clients to (1) give specific direction and identify key roles, responsibilities and timing for the project, (2) allocate the right resources, (3) identify the decision makers and (4) facilitate the kickoff. I also participate to pilot-projects, acting as a “change agent”, monitoring the processes and ensuring that leaders deliver the right level of sponsorship.

team building: I facilitate the creation of a high performance team, using a Team Coaching approach.

effective communication: I help the client to develop a communication style, which is effective, respectful, nonviolent, productive, not judgemental, based on feedbacks and strongly linked to his context.

meetings facilitation: I transfer the key-competences to professionally manage the meetings. That is: (1) to develop an agenda, prioritizing the items to discuss, (2) to facilitate the discussion to maximise the participation and the inputs of each attendee, (3) to help the participants to identify needs, ideas and action plans, (4) to use varied methods to reach an effective engagement from everyone and, consequently, synergistic results.

job descriptions: I define together with the client a series of key-competences and elaborate the job descriptions, that is a detailed description of roles, responsibilities, technical and managerial knowledge, attitudes and behaviours for each job and function present in the company.

decision making: I guide the client towards an effectively use of different decision styles: consultation, delegation, majority...

I have also significant experience in work-related stress evaluations, whose objective is to identify and quantify the stress risk factors related to work conditions and work context and to elaborate – in agreement with the client – a plan of corrective action.

My consulting activities are extremely customised and have, as primary goal, the development of the whole customer’s organization. Subsequently, my interventions are characterized by a very high level of interactivity, in order to rapidly make the attendees proficient in the implementation of the new tools and techniques.