What stops you?

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What stops you?

Have you ever had a great idea, so convincing, that seemed the right one to start a good business or to change your life for the better, but you didn't take any action? Know that this happens to many people: they stop at the idea generation phase, without going into action and ... often ask their coach the reason of this block!

The reasons can be many:

  1. 1. Weak purpose and motivation

Without a strong purpose, the urgent things – even if unimportant – take over; and inertia with them. But physics teaches us that, to win inertia and friction, it's necessary to use additional energy, which is, in this case, momentum and motivation. Ask whether the ultimate goal is in line with your motivators: if so, use them to give you an extra charge, if not, redefine the goal until it includes what gives you the right motivation, that resonates in you, excites you.

  1. 2. Unclear vision

Without a clear vision, of course you cannot see where you're going and, therefore, you lack the trust and confidence to get close to your goal. So, draft an action plan, even if you know you'll have to correct it; draft it and immediately move towards the first intermediate result, that will help you to get additional motivation.

  1. 3. You don't want to make more efforts

Efforts, in this case, mean extra workload, giving up something important to you, like your leisure time, some rest, time for your family, some money you should invest, holiday ... But if you're certain that the idea is the right one and that the ultimate goal will amply reward you, these are just a way to sabotage you! Don't procrastinate and start. If, however, the hesitation remains, the problem might be a not enough powerful and motivating purpose; so back to step two and reformulate it.

  1. 4. Fear

If the vision convinces you, the purpose is motivating, you've an action plan, but you get stuck, you may be victim of fear, that exaggerate risks and uncertainties ... But, believe me: you have more to lose by giving in to the fear than by acting. So, think about your purpose and motivators and move; generally the fear deadens with the first results.

Probably, once in action, you'll realize that you've to find space and time and bring order in your life. In this case, reassign your priorities in the light of the new project; you may notice that something that yesterday was important now no longer is. Resize it, then, so it will not slow you down in your project.

And you? What's stopping you?

Only one of the four points above or a combination of them?

Is there any other factor, on which you have to work?

When will you define your action plan?






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