What coaching is for me: a caravel

on BLOG, Coaching 13 Feb, 2012

Here I am with my first post.

For the occasion, I choose an important guide, an exceptional “coach”: António Lobo Antunes.

Yesterday I was reading a tale titles “Lettre à Sherlock Holmes”*, where the writer states that: the destiny of the people makes me feel sorry. Their lives, in most cases, are horribly sad. There are people who do not even realize it: they simply accept it. And behind their eyes, there are other sad eyes, eyes of frightened children who do not know where they go.

Even at the cost of being accused of heresy, I propose to play with these Lobo Antunes’s words, reversing them. You would obtain something like: "the fate of people gives me enormous pleasure. Their lives, in most cases, are wonderfully happy. Most people are very aware, they accept responsibility for shaping their lives. And behind their bright eyes, there are others: the eyes of curious children who know where to go" .

A remarkable leap of humor and hope, by changing only a few words! Its enough to replace the concept of acceptance with the sense of responsibility, fear with curiosity and the life gets wonderfully happy.

For me, coaching is precisely this "inversion", it’s an antidote to the words of the great writer!

When you stop to accept passively what comes to us, when you no longer want to pretend to "not realize", when you want to know in what direction to go, when you face the future with courage, determination and curiosity without being paralyzed by "forecasts" or conditioning, then life becomes pleasant, worthwhile, rich, not flat. Change is difficult, especially at the beginning: we must indeed break ingrained habits, inertia, old accusations and excuses, probably modify relationships with friends and family, reinvent a new professional or public image. Without forgetting that frequently a “bad shock” leads us to this new awareness; and this makes us even more insecure, but it's worth it.

“Where is the coaching?”, you are asking. It's right here: when you change voluntarily and lucidly the course of your personal or professional life, when you finally begin to indulge your deepest talents, when responsibility exceeds the acceptance, you need a companion, a listener, an advocate, a goad, a support, a gauntlet, a model, someone who believes in you. You need a coach.

Well, my first post is finished. I thank my first readers and António Lobo Antunes, whishing a good journey in the lucky coaching world on board of the caravel. I'm sure that, thanks to coaching, we'll discover our America.

* From "Livre de chroniques IV", publisher Christian Bourgois, 2009.






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