Two games for team coaching

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Two games for team coaching

He sang a friend "I'll never more look for words that I do not find, to tell you old things with new dress." (Francesco Guccini, 1976). Today I’ll not give descriptions of team, high-performance teams nor of team coaching. Assuming all this, today I want to talk about two "games", that are very useful for conducting a session of team coaching.

The first game is called "Self timer”; I use it at the beginning of the session, when it’s still extremely influential the weight of the corporate status of each participant. The goal is to create, after the ice breaking exercises, a homogeneous group of individuals starting from a hierarchical group of colleagues, the difference being huge.

The team coach distributes a blank sheet of paper and a pencil to each participant and asks to draw a picture or write a sentence that represents their way of being: an excerpt from a poem, a verse of a song, the title of a movie or a novel, a graphic, a drawing of an animal, of a flower ... everything can be useful, provided it is spontaneous. After five minutes, the sheets are returned anonymously to the team coach, which makes them circulate; he asks each participant to express what each paper transmits: impressions, considerations, assumptions. After everyone has spoken about each paper, each participant is asked to reveal what was his own exercise and explain in one sentence what he really wanted to express.

The second game has a visibly higher coaching content and has to be made in the second half of the session. In "The solution", the team coach makes all sit in circle and re-distributes a pencil and a blank sheet of paper divided into three: the left column says "HOW THE TEAM IS TODAY", on the column on the right it’s written "HOW THE TEAM MUST EVOLVE TO ACHIEVE ITS GOALS" and in the center "WHAT I CAN DO TO FACILITATE THIS EVOLUTION". After ten minutes, each participant reads and comments his exercise; at the end of each intervention, the team coach asks "what is the solution?”.

This game makes gain awareness about the team, about its evolution and about the contribution that each member can and should provide to facilitate this process. The final question creates a space for creative reflection, which allows the team coach to collect numerous ideas for a correct team development. These ideas are then listed on the blackboard, put to the vote and the three or five favorite ones are developed in plenary, in order to co-create SMART actions to be implemented already the day after the team coaching session.

Get a pen and paper: how do you represent yourself today?

Think at how you are today and about how you want to be tomorrow. What can you do to change?

What is the blockage?

What are the top five solutions to the blockage?






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