We were not made to live as brutes

on BLOG, Coaching 27 Mar, 2013

Fatti non fummo per viver come bruti

A short post to wish my readers Happy Easter.

Yesterday I had the honor of attending a Easter Mass in a prison. A great emotion.

An emotion that goes beyond faith and rituals, and is linked to the prisoners’ pride and pleasure (childish? to be interpreted here as spontaneous, vital) to shake hands to free people. To the homesickness in a dignified letter of a detainee. To the admission that imagination is their only friend, that helps them to break the monotony of their immutable days. And to their hesitation in leaving the theater, with their invincible hunger for a moment more of normality. Of distraction? Of alternative? Of dignity? Of equality?

Last week, after having held a plenary session about coaching and leadership, I received the following feedback: "speak to everyone". Thank you: I’m committed in improving myself.

What I appreciated the most of the bishop who officiated the Mass was that he deliberately ignored for a whole hour the right row, the ranks of the free people. He talked, thought and looked only at the row on the left, that of the detainees.

Happy Easter to everyone.






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