Gianfranco is not only a brilliant Professional Career Coach: he's a person of extraordinary humanity. His sessions leave in you a seed, that germinates and gives you the right support for your professional growth. Thank you, Gianfranco.

Marco S.

With Gianfranco I learnt to give birth tough decisions by answering several simple questions and looking at the problems as opportunities to show what I am. Gianfranco taught me to look at limits as life stages to be reached and exceeded.

Francesco F.

Gianfranco immediately understood my needs. Our path together made me reach my targets.

Piero C.

When you meet Gianfranco, it’s singular: you’re impressed by his gentle, polite, old-fashioned style. Then, you start the session and, through his questions, you discover parts of yourself you did not know. He accompanies you in reaching your target. This is my coach!

Annamaria B.

Great experience, great results! I really enjoyed the career coaching path with Gianfranco.

Undoubtedly, I will ask him to coach me again in the next future.

Laura J.

Gianfranco helped me understand that the points of view are numerous, that there is always space for improvement, that success is reachable. Since I‘ve been starting my coaching programme with Gianfranco, I feel stronger and more self confident, both on the job and in the personal life.

Carla N.

Thanks to coaching and to Gianfranco, I succeeded in overcoming my fear of the change. Every session is a step further towards the success and the fulfilment.

With Gianfranco, nothing is impossible, if – of course – you really engage yourself in the change!

Nadège H.

I had the pleasure to meet Gianfranco in a training course, of which he managed the coaching section. What soon impressed me are Gianfranco’s competence and professionalism, then his innate attitude in communication, in making you reflect through what he tells, in telling a word that pushes you to ask yourself questions. I would soon start another course with him.

Alessandra C.