I offer training programs in coaching, project management and cross cultural management.

Coaching Training Programs

My coaching training programs transform the participants in standard-bearers of coaching in the company they work for. The trainees rapidly learn several coaching techniques, becoming autonomous in the application of a success culture in their everyday personal and professional life. In this way, coaching becomes THE way to communicate and to manage people and projects.

The training programmes are open also to “private” clients, willing to study coaching in depth.

The training – whose program is always set upon the specific client needs – covers three axis:

  • coaching theory and introduction to the coaching conversation model;
  • feedbacks: how to give and receive;
  • coaching lab: exercises on specific cases presented by the attendees and Corporate Coaching and/or Team Coaching sessions.

Training courses in Project Management and Cross Cultural Management

My training courses in Project Management and Cross Cultural Management are highly customised and flexible contents. Typically, the training courses starts with a deep theoretical introduction to the subject and to the most useful and widespread tools. Then, the trainees are invited to apply what they have learnt, through role-playing games and exercises on real projects and examples presented by themselves. In this way, the attendees both experiment and find tangible answers, with an immediate professional advantage.

In the frame of the trainings in Project Management, I also offer tutoring and mentoring on real key-projects, allowing the client to maximise his learning and rapidly develop his autonomy.