The deep change: the transformational coaching

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Il carer coaching trasformazionale

What does this picture make you think? A profound change, a metamorphosis. Know that, with coaching, such a transformation is possible.

Every coaching interaction is arranged on a continuum ranging from "performance coaching" (coaching aimed at improving performance and actions. In other words: coaching on doing) to "transformational coaching" (coaching focused on radical change, on the evolution; Coaching on beingbeing). Both extremes are useful and necessary to the coachee’s evolution: depending on the coachee, on the moment and on the challenge, the expert coach will go closer to one of these two approaches.

Performance coaching allows the coachee to achieve better performance. It creates a kind of learning environment, where feedbacks and powerful and challenging questions create an extension of the coachee's awareness, making him exit from his comfort zone.

Transformational coaching (please, note that the career coaching belongs to this type of intervention) is focused on the coachee’s basic assumptions, on his values and mental patterns, on his vision of himself, on his courage, fears and deep purpose. Becoming responsible of a major change – that is modifyingdeliberately these factors – requires a lot of effort for both coach and coachee, but the result amply repays it. In fact, the output of a transformational coaching path or interaction is a profound change, a real transformation. To be clear, we are not talking about a new make-up or haircut, but about a metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly, from tadpole to frog, from man to cockroach (sic), from cockroach to man (much better ...). After such a change, you do not think as before, do not behave as before, you are not who you were before. The question at the heart of transformational coaching is "What other optionsto be do I have? Among these, which one do I choose?".

Given the sensitivity of the topic and the impact of the intervention, the general rule is to ask permission before entering in a transformational coaching session. The career coach, even when – through a mix of experience, intuition and curiosity – realizes that there is something unclear, he doesn’t proceed without the coachee’s permission (which can be of course also denied).

Although - as stated at the beginning of the post - transformational coaching is not "better" or most noble than performance coaching, the coach needs more experience to deliver it. Mainly because he has to master specific techniques and be able to manage the strong emotions that a radical change inevitably provokes in the coachee.

Moreover, the obvious and reasonable rule that a guide can lead only in areas he has already explored applies also to coaching. I mean that, if the career coach is not sufficiently "mature" and hasn’thad the will and the courage to confront and modify his own patterns and limits, he certainly cannot help his coachee to do that.

Or better: I think that he could not even sense the possibility of a transformation.

What intrigues you of the transformational coaching?

What assumptions are limiting you? Do you want to work on them?

What other possibilities do you have?

Which ones do you prefer to your current life?

Which one do you choose?

Are you ready for a transformation?






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