Career coaching: to master the gap between input and reaction

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Il career coaching: appropriarsi del gap tra stimolo e risposta

A few months ago I happened to live a strange and interesting coincidence, that made me reflect a lot.

I was reading with great interest a book about management, in which proactivity was defined as being able to manage difficult choices, mastering the gap between an external input and our reaction. That same evening I attended a conference on Sufi mysticism and the speaker explained that the ancient Sufi techniques were directed to ... break the automatism between stimulus and response! The goal was to become architects of our own choices and lives and to rise to higher levels of consciousness, instead of remaining mere "machines."

As is evident, after thousands of years and in completely different contexts, the concept was absolutely the same.

That parallel (in fact, an overlap) disconcerted me: surely it was not a mere coincidence. Then, reflecting on coaching, on the role and mission of the career coach - as I mean them - I realized that the strength and the luck of career coaching are right there: man since always feels the need to follow a different “path”, not to live like Pavlov's dog or in a trance, but in order to reach to a state of greater mastery of his own life and choices.

Now, let’s put the mystic and the transcendental aside because this blog concerns career coaching and has, therefore, other objectives and because I would not be able to speak on these topics. And let's move on the plan of management and career coaching.

Recalling the definition of proactivity mentioned at the beginning of the post, I can say that I personally interpret coaching and, in particular, coaching career as a gym where the coachees learn, foresee and master their reactions and learn to consciously build their own destiny. A gym where the coachees experiment alternative ways and make choices, understanding that the space between the external input and their reactions is OUR PRIVATE PROPERTY, in which we can make happen what we want.

This with the clear goal to break and reverse the vicious circle in which the majority of people are: a vicious cycle made of frustration, acceptance of others' choices, passivity in waiting and hoping for a change without doing anything because it takes place.

This does not mean that, through career coaching, you can change any situation. Sometimes, some elements of the situation cannot be changed, but also to accept them is a possible choices. And, thanks to the acceptance, we can save a lot of energy and dramatically improve our lives.

Having new eyes, a new consciousness, having learned that life is made of a dynamic balance of different interests and impulses, and that we are always active and not passive in our lives will make us live surprisingly better.

Live like Men do deserve and not like jet machines ...

What would you become if the gap between input and reaction was completely yours?

How would your life change?

What automatisms are limiting you?

What new ways of reacting and living would you like to create?






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