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Il career coaching nella palestra della vita

Are you ready to develop with coaching your “inward muscles” as these biceps? And to hypertrophy your ability to make choices? Enjoy this post.

It’s known that modern coaching derives from the sports motivational techniques that allow athletes to get in touch with their inner potential and outpace themselves.

I need this preamble to introduce the concept of "no pain, no gain", the sports motto that emphasizes the need of physical pain and stress to achieve athletic excellence. The theory holds that the body building exercises that do not strain the muscles till the pain – that is until the breaking of some muscle fibres – are not hypertrophic and, therefore, are useless.

The “no pain, no gain” approach – much in vogue some years ago – has been supplanted by other bodybuilding techniques, but it remains anyway useful to draw a parallel with the corporate coaching. If there is no commitment and accountability (the "pain"), if you tend to always make easy choices, there is no result, no satisfaction (the "gain"). I think that it isn’t needless to underline this concept, at a time when we are overwhelmed by messages proposing “zero Euro” myths and goals. In this context, career coach goes countercurrent and accompanies the coachee in a personal development path, which requires commitment, will, calculated risk and ... a dose of pain.

On the other hand, I firmly believe that easy “standardised” objectives can give just little satisfaction and that only significant and long lasting goals deserve to be achieved. Maybe I am uncultivated, but I think that if a choice is free or costs very little, it means that it is worth very little or nothing.

I exploit the athletic references of this post and enter in another sports metaphor, recently suggested by a personal trainer.

Small Introduction: the Golgi bodies are appointed for the collection and transmission of muscle tension data. When muscles are contracted, the Golgi bodies detect the degree of tension and trigger a reflex that leads to muscle relaxation. This is a real muscular protection system that preserves the fibres from damages linked to excessive contraction.

What does this mean? When, during an effort or a work-out, the muscle exceeds the load "considered" maximum by the body, the body itself reacts by reducing the contraction, activating the Golgi bodies. If, in nature, this phenomenon has a clear protective role, it clearly acts as an antagonist of the workout. However, the trainer told me that the secret of exploits considered unreachable is right here: through the concentration, the individual can "sabotage" this reflex and bypass the Golgi bodies. To all those who work out (even if just for fun) surely happened to lift weights double than usual if prodded and supported by a coach who was able to properly focus the attention and the strength of will.

Well, I – as a career coach work – act as this wise trainer, helping my coachees learning to sabotage their "Golgi bodies", that would always like to protect them from painful or difficult choices and from heavy loads, that would like them to always stay in their comfort zone, inhibiting their progress. The career coach teaches to look at the goal and not at the limitations, at success and not at pain, towards the future and not at the status quo.

I repeat now the initial questions: are you ready to train with your career coach in order to develop your “willingness muscles” and courage and to build your ideal life and career?

What is the gain you want to reach?

Paying what pain?

What chains you to the status quo?






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