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Il career coaching nelle politiche attive del lavoro

A little over a year ago, in the post "Career coaching and outplacement", I introduced the topic of the use of career coaching programs in the active labor market policies. I supported the thesis that the career coaching was the most appropriate tool for both identifying the optimal candidate’s professional future and accompanying him/her to the “optimal” next job. In other words, the career coaching can be put at the center of active labor market policies to develop the motivation, the potential and the vision, as also shown by countries with greater experience in outplacement.

Today, after fifteen months and three governments, the situation is slightly improved: the difference between passive and active labor market policies is now clear and also the concept that we can no longer afford never-ending unemployment benefits and social safety nets (two forms of passive labor market policies, in fact) seems to be accepted by the public opinion and by the politicians. It seems, therefore, that in Italy we can start talking seriously about active labor market policies: interventions that directly affect the structure of the labor market and the very causes of unemployment, putting the subject in the center of a customized process of growth and development, which addresses him to the next job.

OECD - Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development - distinguishes various categories of active policy interventions, the most modern and incisors of which, in my opinion, are: employment subsidies (mind you : employment and NOT unemployment subsidies), support for new entrepreneurs and job guidance and placement. With one goal: to avoid that a person exits unprepared from the working world and remains too long in a state of unemployment, turning the professional crisis into an opportunity of knowledge, growth and achievement. It’s a total paradigm reversal!

The lesson is over, don’t worry. What does my preamble mean? That we’re moving from an indiscriminate and universal protection of the worker to customized, targeted interventions, which include moments of knowledge, analysis, study, career coaching, support, but also obligations and demonstrations of commitment. We’re speaking of duties, too: we absolutely cannot accept anymore that the interested subjects do not participate in programs of active labor market policies. Active participation in these programs and initiatives has to become an obligation, the penalty being the loss of the subsidy.

The "value" of the active labor market policies cannot and shouldn’t be weighed and judged on their amount in Euros, but on their effectiveness, productivity, on the fact that they can really free up energy without tying people to a demeaning and comfortable welfare state. Italy needs to develop soon outplacement programs with mandatory participation, using career coaching as pin, speeding up the re-entry of the subjects into the working world. Countries that started some years ago to invest in active policies (France and Germany, for instance) have already dramatically reduced the rates of unemployment and re-entry times and can manage much less extensive and expensive social protection systems than ours.

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