Career coaching in the active labor market policies 2/2

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Il career coaching nelle politiche attive del lavoro

Let's get back on the subject of the use of career coaching in the active labor market policies.

The objectives of the active labor market policy interventions are the support of the person during his transition, the training of candidates, the establishment of a direct and profitable relationship between them and the business system, the reintegration of the worker, the creation of the conditions for a working and personal satisfaction. Alternatives to this model are not sustainable and did not give good results: the Italian Government (responsible for labor policies) must initiate projects together with the Regions (responsible for training) to provide training, internship, apprenticeship, coaching, support. The effects have to be then monitored through objective indicators: rate of re-employment, post intervention entrepreneurship rate, difference in remuneration before and after the intervention.

The approach must be “corporate”: no more money like rain, but funding only where it’s needed and where there are visible results. And, even in this context, the coaching pragmatism based on SMART action plans is crucial: if the program or the service provider produce modest effects and are of poor quality, it’s essential to act promptly. This is not a utopia: other countries have already successfully adopted this model and Italy does not use the available resources of the European structural funds; other European countries, after just two or three years, have already reversed the trend. In short, Italy has very low rates of spending on active labor market policies, unused funds and available tools such as career coaching, but we still keep complaining about our unemployment rate or the crisis. We just have to start the car as soon as possible, with confidence and pragmatism.

One last, absolutely personal and debatable observation: maybe I’m shaped by my profession, but I’ve difficulty in understanding the concept itself of unemployment. I definitely do not want to offend the families in difficulty and without labor income, the distressed unemployed, who even commit fatal acts, and the many confused people: I share their concerns and difficulties. However, being fired does not mean to have failed, to be a burden for society and families, to have no more hopes or alternatives. There are endless alternatives, infinite possibilities to be active and self-sufficient: as a coach I can assure you that the options are numerous and you just have to look for them and courageously seize them.

Who can contribute to change the current paradigm, managing to turn a crisis into an professional opportunity?

What example can be useful?

What can we do?






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