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Il coaching in cucina

If I say "kitchen" what do you think?

To chefs surrounded by semi-naked models? Cold!

To motorized twelve-floor cake equipped with sober fireworks? Cold!

To dishes thrown to accomplices/competitors, contrary to any basic form of respect and dignity? Even colder!

I know that television influences us all, but food is something else: it is rigueur, innovation, cleanness, hygiene, risk, consciousness, hierarchy, study, physical endurance (not just physical). I approached this world almost by accident - thanks to the direction of ReD - and, as a coach, I can say that there are many metaphors related to cooking and gastronomy that fit perfectly to a team building event and to an outdoor business intervention. This explains the current wide range of "team building in the kitchen".

Let's start from the brigade, so hierarchical, but so closely interconnected, that requires strong leadership skills in the chef. Then the competences of attention to detail, stress management and contingency management (many, really many unforeseen), awareness of both product quality and customer expectations. And the ever-present innovation. In addition, there is one aspect that characterizes the kitchen: you can anticipate and prepare everything, but it will always and only be the customer who will decide whether and at what time to enter the restaurant and what to order.

I am not a Michelin star chef or a professional reviewer, but in three years, none of the many chefs I have met ever talked about one of the three occasions mentioned at the beginning of the post, nor I have ever encountered them personally.

What can a coach do in the kitchen, then? He can organize team building or corporate outdoor events, using one or more of the aspects mentioned above, turning the kitchen into a gym for team spirit or change management, brigade management or stress management, delivery against the initial brief or care of the finished product. They are really endless parallels and possible situations, ranging from leisure time to pure stress test.

The management of the second part of the event – led by the coach – requires mature team coaching skills and a careful management of self-feedbacks and feedbacks, in order to maximize the experience and create a plan of actions and specific behaviors, contextualized to the client company. I have organized and led many events in the kitchen in the past twelve months and – also thanks to the great attention of the media conveyed to the kitchen – the results both in terms of action plans and satisfaction of participants and sponsors were always extraordinary.

Cosa vi attrae di più della cucina? Per i maschietti: non accetto risposte sulle modelle! 😉

Which analogy between the kitchen and the company is more appropriate?

What other information you need to commission me a team building event?






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