Coaching and Permaculture: the totality of modest work...

on BLOG, Career Coaching, Coaching, development 24 Giu, 2016

Il coaching e la permacultura, ovvero la somma di modesti lavori...

For some months I'm studying Permaculture, that interests me and fascinates for its ethical, sustainable, holistic, rigorous and imaginative approach to agriculture and society. After several readings on Permaculture, I came across the following sentence of one of its two founders, Bill Mollison: "all of us would acknowledge our own work as modest; it is the totality of such modest work that is impressive". A statement that really struck me because It exactly expresses what I think and live, in a so clear and elegant manner, which largely surpasses my powers of expression and synthesis.

This quote resonates within me because I firmly believe that my own work is very modest, my impact is very small, my life is much more, but, despite everything, through coaching, profession, human relationships , family, studies, insights, I'm engaged in improving myself, in leaving a mark, creating a small effect, which, hopefully, will get bigger and bigger in others, in becoming, in the most ambitious scenario, a model for someone. And the fact itself that I "chose Coaching" almost ten years ago and that I try to give a contribution in my client-companies comes from the need to be part of that process of improvement and commitment, development and modeling , of which I've spoken several times in this blog. Mutatis mutandis, also being a condominium adviser and the representative of my daughter's class - and some other activities, that might be totally eliminated from the agenda theory, in favour of more tolerable pace of life - are other expressions of this approach.

But, back to permaculture, I wonder: is coaching an ecological profession? Yes it is. Ecology, for a corporate coach as well as for a life coach and, even more, for a career coach, means respecting the coachee, seen as an element of a more complex system of relationships. Ecology means always carrying out a check on the consequences that the achievement of a certain goal will have on the coachee and on his/her nearest environment. This verification is a paramount step of the coaching process, as it ensures that a change, an action plan, a new behaviour are really compatible with the coachee's welfare and are in line with his/her values, strategies, context, sensitivity and way of thinking and living. Coaching as a growth path, which aims to an environmentally friendly and sustainable success of the coachee, in a broad sense.

Now think to your goal. What will happen if you get what you want?

How do you feel, what will you experience when the goal is reached?

On whom will you have an impact? And how?

Enjoy your holidays: see you on September!






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