Coaching in Flexicurity

on BLOG, Career Coaching, Coaching, development 29 Mag, 2014

Il coaching nella flexicurity

Even these elections have passed between Continent and neighborhood, between lies and threats, between Hitler and Stalin, between real arrests and promises of summary justice. The protagonist of this campaign was - in my opinion - not the politicians or their programs (programs?), but the communication, the very miscommunication , made of mystification and a clever use of surveys in order to influence the results of the elections themselves. Italian survey 2.0.

But I do not want to talk about it. I want to discuss of a subject that, fortunately, was touched several times in this campaign: flexicurity.

First of all, what does it mean? Flexicurity is a European welfare political strategy, whose objective is to improve workers’ security in a market characterized by increasing flexibility. It means squaring the circle, so that the European Union citizens can reach a high level of job security in a rapidly changing economic environment, helping them to find a worthy and motivating job at every stage of their working life.

Flexicurity therefore helps workers and employers in understanding the globalization’s benefits and opportunities; it aims at creating a virtuous circle in which flexibility and security are mutually reinforcing. Flexicurity is therefore a concept that implicitly represents, promotes and requires a cultural shift.

In this new context, coaching and career coaching see their greatest use in flexicurity, that needs concrete and customized tools and paths and trained professionals. Teams of coaches, trainers and experts in human resources must implement flexicurity’s strategic plans, offering customized services, as already happens with success in many Northern European countries. Countries characterized, however, by a ratio between number of officers dedicated to these tasks and number of unemployed that is up to ten times higher than the Italian one.

With an effective implementation of flexicurity, we’ll succeed not only in giving hope and work, but also in making the change of opinion towards EU, globalization and flexibility happen, from enemy to herald of opportunities, evolution and freedom.

I trust in this.






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