Coaching is not just for VIPs...

on BLOG, Coaching 11 Apr, 2012

Due to the fact that coaching is not yet widely spread and known in Italy, we regularly organize presentations in clubs, associations or public places, where we show the discipline of coaching, its origins, its goals and the results that make the coachees reach.

Actually, the presentations are common also in markets far more mature than the Italian one; of course, in these cases the content is different because there is no need to inform the audience of the very existence of the coaching ...

One of the statements that are made more often on these occasions is: "and I thought it was a luxury, something just for VIPs! Instead it is accessible even to me!”.

Ciò accade perché la consapevolezza sul coaching è ancora mediamente molto superficiale – confermando l’utilità dei nostri eventi di divulgazione – ed è, inoltre, influenzata soprattutto da voci che arrivano dal mondo dello sport e del lusso, magari oltreoceano. Però, cambiando punto di vista, tale reazione è al contempo confortante perché indica che, se spiegato con serietà e misura, il coaching è subito riconosciuto come una risorsa moderna e potente, a cui accedere per migliorare la propria vita.

Where does this "distortion" come from? A distortion present in Italy, but already solved in neighbour countries, like France. In my opinion, it’s linked to several factors. Firstly, to improvised coaches who, taking advantage of the absence of a professional roll and of the compulsoriness to participate to a professional organization, sell as “coaching” what they read in a couple of books. Then, to the media, that, rather than informing, use too much terms à la page, without trying to fill them with a meaning.

On top of that, I think that there is also an "inertia effect": even psychotherapy - elsewhere already deeply imbued in the society – still in the eighties in Italy was linked to clichés related to costs, diseases and exaggerations spread by intellectuals and celebrities. Perhaps, we Italians need time and repeated confirmations before trusting a new instrument.

Finally, we must not forget to contextualize it all: we are living in the deepest post-war economic and social crisis and, despite the widespread interest in their welfare and personal development, the current "luxurious and expensive" reputation of coaching pushes away the potential coachees because... "it’s not the right time".

The positive note is that the International Coach Federation, both globally and in its Italian satellite, is making great efforts in the divulgation of a correct knowledge of coaching and the effects are already visible. One of the two main strategic ICF recently developed by its board is "to create a presence and a credible and appealing voice to the professional coaching." The initiatives are numerous and I am sure that Italy will soon reach the levels of awareness and spread of coaching similar to neighbouring countries such as France or Switzerland.

And you? What do you already know of coaching? Do you need more info? Contact me.






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