Success at the job interview

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Success at the job interview

Some readers asked me to continue on the theme of the previous post "What not to say in a job interview"; so I compiled a short list of attitudes that are highly appreciated by recruiters. The following tips – all true and taken from case studies of both coaching and the recruitment industry – lead the candidate to success only if he proves to really live these attitudes, without acting them with the only purpose of passing the interview. Rather than a list of "things to say" then, examples of behaviours, which are sought and appreciated by most companies and from which to take inspiration.

  • In the event of a very structured selection process, to say that, regardless of the final result, having talked to people in different roles and seen different aspects of the company helped in raising the own vision of the corporate world. This demonstrates active listening – subject already treated in the post mentioned above and in other articles of my blog –, ability and interest in understand the context.
  • At a very advanced interview stage and after a series of appropriate questions, to say that the company meets own professional expectations and represents an interesting model of organization. If this observation is made at the end of a very well managed interview, it's likely that the evaluator interprets it as a confirmation of the superposition of the company core values and those sought by the applicant.
  • In case of multinational companies or companies with large exposure to overseas markets, to demonstrate with practical examples (a journey, an experience abroad, Erasmus, a foreign language course, etc.) how feeding own interest in multicultural experiences. Similarly, it's very likely that such companies are subject to frequent and rapid organizational changes; therefore, to demonstrate with facts and examples to be inherently flexible lead to a positive evaluation of the candidate, seen as an individual that welcomes change as an opportunity. Both attitudes give the assessor the idea that the candidate would live well in the company.
  • In the case of well-known companies, market leaders or very strong brand, to emphasize the pride to work in such an environment can be a good card, if played without excess and flattery. Pride and fidelity are two company values very requested in the corporate environment, that the candidates, once hired, often forget.
  • Especially in young companies or in a rapid development phase, to show interest in the future that is meant to give the company and to appear genuinely interested in participating and contributing to it. In this way, the candidate demonstrates trust in the company and the presence of an entrepreneurial spirit, now synonyms for strength and faithfulness, if well and coherently managed by the employer.
  • In the case of a former senior positions, to synthesize own management style and illustrate the effects generated on own teams. By now, every company seeks managers who care about the development of their teams and of the high potentials; if the candidate demonstrates this mentality, the assessor cannot avoid to think of using it to grow the business.

So, are you now ready for a job interview?

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