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Insanity is often defined as the repetition of the same actions or behaviours, hoping that the results can change.

I'm not a psychiatrist, but I do believe that the absence of personal development and success in life and work is strictly linked to a slavish repetition of actions and behaviours.

The repetition of abused patterns, the cage of habits and the uniqueness of points of view reduce drastically our possibilities and are the three great enemies of evolution, transformation and success. To exit from habits is not a trivial task and requires to oppose our innate fear of the unknown and to challenge our whole world. Very often, the individual alone cannot succeed - or does not even try -, crushed as he is by catastrophic self-predictions, drugged by the vortex of modern life, which pushes us to avoid moments of reflection and, therefore, possible consequent subversions of the established order. Often, the individual is also disoriented by a society that promote success with words but sabotages in fact each trial of self-assertiveness.

Career coaching is THE solution when you want to win the challenge of a conscious transformation and of the construction of your success.The career coach actually provides a double service to his coachees: he provides a plurality of points of view and co-creates with the coachee a support network. In this way, all options and opportunities are analysed, the fears and the monsters are exorcised, the loneliness is fought and the change gets less stressful, the path more pleasant, the goal more achievable.

And I will never stop to emphasizing that, thanks to the coaching process, the client learns also to observe the situation from different perspectives, to set action plans and contingency plans, developing self-esteem, self-confidence and autonomy.

But not only the coaching and transformation process start is hard: each coachee experiences, sooner or later, a homeostatic resistance, that is the tendency to go back to the previous state and to sabotage all the efforts to change. “Habits are hard to break” even when the coachee is already experiencing success and is energized. It is a natural and inevitable phenomenon, to which a good career coach prepares the client in advance, to avoid that he interprets the homeostasis as a personal failure!

But a good career coach does not oppose to the coachee resistance: he tries to shift this negative energy to useful and developmental actions. Exactly like a judoka, who, instead of using the force, "diverts" the energy of his opponent, without being rigid and avoiding the attack.

Sometimes, it’s enough that coach highlights and analyses with his coachee the first homeostatic signals to “beat” the tendency to the status quo.

How about starting a career coaching process and, therefore, building lucidly and actively your success? What holds you back?






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