Italian firms don’t invest on talents’ career

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In Italia non si investe sulla carriera dei “talenti”

Although the term "talent retention" is very fashionable in the mid-sized and large companies and appears in the majority of their websites and institutional publications, a recent study by Robert Half ( has confirmed what employees and consultants are clearly feeling for some time: in Italy, companies invest insufficiently on the career of their talents.

Specifically, only 40% of companies have a program dedicated to talents and half of these initiatives is directed only to the recruiting phase of high potential new employees. Consequently, very few resources are allocated to the construction of the "right" career path for each talent, to his professional development, his motivation and retention. It is as if it were enough to recruit a high potential to produce exceptional and sustained performance over time, without additional investments.

This myopia is a legacy, in my opinion, of an old mentality: you edit the procedures and the quality is assured. Mutatis mutandis: you hire the right people and the results will come. Regardless of the context? Of the promises and of the unfulfilled career plans? Of colleagues and bosses behaviours? Of the real career and cultural development opportunities? Of the corporate culture? I don’t think so.

But it is necessary to clarify what are the characteristics of the talents, according to the study mentioned above: innovative thinking, technical skills, interpersonal skills, high productivity, loyalty and dedication, passion and ambition. It is evident that each of these characteristics needs an appropriate environment and an appropriate HR policy to further develop and bear results. On the contrary, the best CV can quickly turn off in an environment not oriented to development, innovation and progress; in this case, the effect of the "switching off" will be negative for both the company and the resource.

To foster a positive growth and development process, in fact we need to give value to the employees, creating a corporate culture aimed to success and personal development, that respects the individuality of each, without being dogmatic and based on blame. That is, it’s necessary to shape a system in which the career is not the result of careerism, ethics of personality or of an “honourable” career as yes man, but the physiological response to the development of our abilities and aspirations INSIDE the work environment.

There is also another effect not to be neglected: the talent in such an environment becomes a positive "contagious example".

This is not utopia: it’s possible through the creation and the widespread dissemination of a true culture of coaching. Statistics, research, studies confirm this and I can testify on my skin.

And your company? How does it manage the talents?

What are your direct experiences regarding this topic?






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