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on BLOG 3 Feb, 2015

L'occhio del coach

In the last month and a half, I happened twice to attend business meetings by customers and to assist to sudden and very evident changes in group dynamics. To be a bit more precise, I am referring to tough situations, like the sudden exclusion of a member by the entire management team and the radical collapse of enthusiasm and motivation in a manager.

In both cases, when I was asked a feedback privately, I received astonished answers about my extraordinary observation attitude and my supposed ability to predict events ... No, it's not super powers, nor foresight or esotericism: mine were only observations of the context, of the dynamics, of the verbal and non-verbal communication. Of the whole system, in other words.

This confirmed that what seemed to me clear and unequivocal, was experienced and "acted" by those present, but, indeed, was completely invisible to them. This observation is closely associated with the feedbacks I gather halfway and at the end of my coaching programmes: most of the coachees define as extremely powerful my role of mirroring and my frequent solicitations to experience alternative viewpoints.

I do not want to go further and stress the usefulness of coaching as a pragmatic discipline, directed to action, a sort of lever to excellence. Rather, let's focus only on two specific skills/attitudes: systemic observation and active listening. If companies promoted these two skills, the effects would be enormous: organizations - whose members had been properly trained to carefully observe and listen - would reach a higher level of awareness and maturity, patterns of passivity and waiting would be broken, the quality of the presence and of the interactions would dramatically increase. And this obviously applies in the workplace as well as in the private life.

Thinking back to an important recent interaction (meeting, chat, phone call), what do you think you haven't seen?

If your observation skill was more trained, what would change? Where would you be now?






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