The right person in the right place

on BLOG, Career Coaching, Coaching, transformation 14 mag, 2013

La persona giusta al posto giusto

What do we need? Right people at the right place and positive models.

We do already have too many wrong people in wrong places and negative models and the effects are so visible.

What makes Pope Francis so appreciated and popular? His consistency, modesty, simplicity, normality, example, model. These elements are so evident and fluid in him, that, before he had said or done something, he had already become a global icon.

I talked about it in January in my post "The Role Modelling at the heart of career coaching" and I want to stress here this concept again: up to me, the role modeling is THE essential element to build a true leadership. Maybe my post needed an example and in March it appeared a universal one.

I’d like just to invite you to think about how much hope the Pope is able to convey and what huge value is naturally assigned to his words and acts only as a result of the RESPECT he leads to his role, to his model and to the people he can reach. And about what and how dramatic positive changes he can inspire.

Imagine now a straight line segment with one end represented by Pope Francis and the other embodied by one of our bad leaders (to be politically correct and because they are so numerous, I do not propose examples).

In what point of the segment are you?

How are you perceived?

What can you do TODAY to improve your position on the line?

What change would you like to inspire?

"Give me a leader and I shall move the world," said Archimedes.






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