The paradigm of change as pillar of coaching

on BLOG, Career Coaching, Coaching 18 Giu, 2012

Il coaching ed il cambiamento

As already stated elsewhere in my blog, coaching belongs to the category of the disciplines of support, training and human evolution, of which more and more people make use.

But what differentiates coaching from counselling, psychology, consultancy and training? What does make coaching so effective, modern, flexible and attractive?

In my opinion, the very fact that coaching developed as a discipline into a world already dominated by change and hadn’t to ADAPT to the change, like all other disciplines already mentioned did. In other words, the raison d'être of coaching IS the change, in a turbulent reality, where change is THE rule.

Probably it is necessary to outline the context of the mutation occurred in the recent years.

Until two or three decades ago, the world was based on principles of stability and predictability. If you worked hard and respected the rules, you probably could progress in your job, in the society and in terms of wealth. There were the concepts of the “permanent job”, and the company was a sort of family. Each generation had the opportunity to progress and this concept was so clear and fundamental in the family and in the society, that it influenced personal goals: the car, the silver, the secondary home, a better university for children etc.. Even the economy and entrepreneurship were based on the assumption of the continuous growth, which appeared to be so true that very few questioned the absolute unreality of such a model in the long run. In most cases, to live well, it was enough (even if I do not think at all it was always easy) to follow all lifetime the “immutable rules” of society, family and institutions. To live well.. .

But suddenly (really suddenly? Do you know the famous story of mice and cheese?), the game rules changed and the change itself became inevitable and unavoidable, like it or not. The old ideas of stability were replaced by the continuous evolution and the nonlinearity of lives, careers and economies. Traditional working agreements and rules rapidly lost their meaning: non-standard contracts, project contract, collaborations became very common. The steady state was replaced by a perpetual transition. The forecast was supplanted by a change and a renewal characterised by unpredictable outcome.

In summary, our reliance on reassuring external rules rapidly gave way to an inevitable and much harder work on ourselves, in search of our own inner points of reference. And, on another level, what the society and the companies were used to provide and assure, nowadays has to be found, "invented" and created by each of us: a new entrepreneurial approach to life seems to be the smartest way to welfare and satisfaction in the new context.

Coaching grew as a profession in this new paradigm of change and this makes the coach a real, credible and modern change agent, a professional who can help the coachee to find his own way of living IN the change, of handling and anticipating it, without denying it, being afraid of it or being overwhelmed by it.

What’s your opinion on my interpretation?

How do you live the change?

What feelings does the change inspire in you?

When will you become the author of your future, influencing your future changes instead of being conditioned by them?






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