The elections seen by a coach

on BLOG, Coaching 4 Mar, 2013

The elections seen by a coach

The results of the recent Italian political elections were a shock, mainly for our entire political establishment. Just consider that the Tories believed in a big result, the Democrats were sure to govern and that plenty of new and old parties were certain stay alive. But they were all overwhelmed by a presence that they had deliberately undervalued or ignored.

I carefully listened to the press conferences of the major (ex) leader immediately after the vote: they sought for alliances, proposed “governissimi”, improvised compromises, not realizing that the context was clearly changed. The debacle was not enough to make them open their eyes.

For example, when a journalist asked Mr. Bersani what he wouldn’t have redone, he replied that he would have redone everything, because he isn’t capable of telling lies like others do. In short, he continued to avoid direct responsibilities and to blame his opponents.

And the same evening, a "new face" of the Democratic Party opened at 5 Stars Movement, as if her party had not fought, ridiculed and ignored it for months, as if the two programs were not different. As if her party had not had the opportunity to propose these same measures in the past, and had not opposed each program points, that now she claimed to appreciate. A pathetic and offensive image for the entire electorate.

The same applies to many other parties.

But what happened? It makes me think of the story of mice and cheese. The cheese moves and changes of taste; if one does not accept this reality and continues to look for the cheese in the same place, the only likely outcome is his death by starvation. If this happens to a "common" person, he or she is forgivable. But if this happens to an entire political establishment, which should only think about building the Country’s future and managing the present, being deeply rooted in the real moods, conditions, aspirations and difficulties of the people? In this case they are unforgivable.

And why the Democrats, for example, have not convinced the electors? Because it was clear the distance between the proposed rejuvenation and the willingness to "change so that nothing changes".

I also think of my great confusion following the discovery of the lies of a leader, who had just founded a movement based on intellectual honesty.

With conviction, I did not vote the Five Stars Movement, but I regret to recognize only now their enormous impact, explosive message, their wave of innovation and the contribution to go out of the doldrums.

Since decades, politicians in other major democracies rely on coaches who incite them to experiment alternative points of view, to live, understand and lead the change, to define concrete action plans, aligning actions, visions, words and behavior. Actions to be defined after a careful analysis of reality, pros, cons, possible support and possible opponents.

If I rely on the many articles read in recent years, our politicians for the moment work mainly with image consultants and spin doctors. Here you are the results.

This time, I end the post with a few questions directly to politicians:

What did you learn from the recent elections?

If you were one of your voters, what would you expect from you?

If you were a Five Stars voter, what would you appreciate that you did?

What new awareness would you like to achieve?

What do you think you could do with the support of your coach?






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