The rooster on rubbish

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'O gallo 'ncoppa 'a munnezz'

I've already written about previously: the power of coaching lies also in the attitude of the coach to envisage the coachee new paradigms and to make him simulate them. This opens up new scenarios, by developing new behaviours and, thus, making possible what seemed impossible.

Today we'll discuss about two paradigms, in my opinion unfairly ignored by the specialists, even though they represent an extremely recurring duality both in life and work. Two visions of life in opposition, which are well represented by two Neapolitan expressions: "'O gallo 'ncoppa 'a munnezz'" ("The rooster on rubbish") versus "Fattell' cu chi è megli'e te e fanc'e spese" ("Stay with those who are better than you and pay their expenses").

First of all the meanings: the rooster on rubbish is the one who boasts, does the blowhard, pretends to have merits and quality that doesn't possess; all that in front of a simple and gullible audience, chosen ad hoc. The person seems serious and strutting like a rooster, but is on top of a mound of dirt, falsehoods, mediocrity: if there were no rubbish, he would have nothing to sing and raise the crest for.

The second saying was the recurring warning of my grandmother: stay with who is better than you, who is more educated than you, who is more evolved than you and be happy to pay him the bill. At the end, you'll be richer. The sense I am used to has nothing to do with attending someone to receive a practical return (reference, loans of money, a job), but uniquely for the priceless opportunity to rise humanly and culturally.

It's so sad: I have the impression that in my life I've met very few people who cleanly embody the second paradigm without back-thoughts and petty, dirty ambitions. On the contrary, I've met hundreds and hundreds of roosters, saying lies, saying "half truths", "concealing the truth". Liars, in short, that transformed mediocrity, pride, ostentation of nothing in an art, always remaining vigilant in finding an excuse, an alibi, a self-absolution.

I'm not a fanatic, I understand that for speed, simplicity, habit, mistake, we can easily "slip on rooster", but the important thing is to be conscious of that and remedy (even retrospectively) consciously, shifting towards the second paradigm.

I don't want to disturb Nietzsche, but are evolvement and improvement the duty of each of us? Certainly not for aesthetics and hedonism, but in order to give others the best of ourselves, in order to improve the perimeter - however small - around ourselves, to indicate a positive example to our kids, friends, relatives, neighbours, assistants, employees. If we do not, how can we expect to be credible, how can we expect to be able to judge and continue to complain of the society, of politicians, of leaders?

I propose an exercise: think of yesterday and list the most meaningful events, phone calls, conversations, comments, meetings. Did you behave like a rooster at least once?

If you had chosen the second paradigm, what would you have brought home different?

What did you benefit from your "roosterhood"?

And in what did it damage?

"Truths searched on the ground, like pigs... / Hold your acorns, leave me the wings. / Go back home, dwarfs! / For my huge anger, I need giants." Francesco Guccini, Cirano






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