Professional Certified Coach

on BLOG, Career Coaching, Coaching 12 Feb, 2016

Professional Certified Coach

Today I want to share with all my readers a great satisfaction: I was just promoted to PCC!

Probably, for many of you this acronym says nothing: it means Professional Certified Coach and is the second of three levels of expertise with which the International Coach Federation (ICF) classifies professional coaches, intermediate between the ACC (Associate Certified Coach) and the prestigious MCC (Master Certified Coach). For the promotion to PCC, I had to demonstrate that I had performed more than 800 hours of coaching (actually, 500 would have been enough), I had to present reference letters from ten companies certifying my commitment, specifying the period, number of guests and hours of coaching and I had to pass a written exam. I stress this because the new procedure – in its new and sometimes heavy structure – guarantees clients and coachees about the real preparation and experience of the ICF certified coach and ensures us about the significance of the acquired title.

I thank each personal and corporate coachee, who, in these years of activity as a professional coach, relied on my services and gave me precious opportunity of learning. The great attention paid during the coaching sessions makes me remind every sentence and every coachee remains impressed in my memory.

And I also thank the coaching companies that trusted in me, allocating me on projects with major corporate clients.

The next, not close, objective is the MCC ...






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