Stay in your comfort zone

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Stay in your comfort zone

"You have to get out of your comfort zone." You can hear and read this sentence everywhere: I have the impression that there is a tendency in playing the psychologist citing the Oedipus complex and in imagining ourselves experts in change management and human resources by repeating this mantra.

I do not agree. What is our comfort zone? A space that has to do with our history, our resources and our fears, our integrity and our values, our strengths and disappointments, our successes and failures; it's undoubtedly a part of us. Certainly, it can be even a cage and for this reason I am strongly in favour of activities and stimuli that make your comfort zone larger, more mobile, inclusive, modern, updated with our experiences and our meetings. To be clear: a comfort zone 2.0, where to stay and grow, not to escape from.

How do we manage in this task? Challenging ourselves, venturing into unfamiliar paths, taking risks, questioning everything seems the "real truth", or dogmas, prejudices, biases, patterns, habits, expectations, ideas and things given for granted. We can widen our comfort zone by learning to answer - as the Italian writer and journalist Oriana Fallaci once wrote - with a question mark rather than a simpler, faster and sterile exclamation point.

I do believe this is precisely the point: curiosity, creativity, adopting always new viewpoints, imagination, brainstorming, the internalization of the "wealth paradigm" instead of the prevailing scarcity one... all this allows us to experiment, to learn how to do new things and to do old things in new ways. And it is scientifically proven that the only exit from the beaten track of habits induces changes in the brain, creating countless new neural connections and, therefore, new attitudes, new possibilities and new opportunities.

It sounds easy and impossible at the same time; in reality it is an absolutely achievable goal, if you rely on competent hands. And it is not only a feasible task, but also unavoidable: let's think that the majority of professionals and companies avoid this, reiterating formulas and behaviours, engaging in extremis coaches and consultants. But the crisis would have been spotted well in advance if only they had taken a closer look, directed outward, an alternative viewpoint.

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