Simple rules for a 2017 to forget

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Simple rules for a 2017 to forget

I bet that 2016 reserved to you many surprises (both positive and negative), and that, despite having most of the time tried to make the right choice, not everything was happy, easy, desirable, successful. I also believe that you thought more than once about how it would be nice to live getting everything right away and with minimal effort; but this is nothing more than an illusory fantasy, source of frustration. What, however, is certain is that our approach makes the difference, regardless of what happens to us.

So how will your 2017 be? How do you want the New Year to be? A period of growth, development, success? It will depend a lot on your attitude; if you follow my tips below, it will definitely be a year to forget.

  1. Do not trust anyone

Everyone wants to hurt you, they talk behind your back, they want to steal money, password, knowledge ... If you follow the advice, you'll spend a year watching your back.

  1. Resend the sender every compliment

The compliments? They're fake: who does them wants something from you! This attitude confirms and completes the previous point and allows you to remove from your New Year any positive feedback, any recognition of value and success.

  1. Don't stop criticizing yourself

Physically you're not well, you're too fat or thin, beautiful or ugly, too young or old, blonde or dark. Of your character and your inevitable flaws, then, don't talk ... I said before: the compliments are always specious and even you know that you can never stop listing your own defects.

  1. Keep secrets

Don't say anything to anyone, don't share important things with friends, partner, colleagues. Don't open yourself: no-one will know anything more about you.

  1. Expect the worst

In the end, you know, everything goes wrong. By following this advice, you'll live each event with detachment, suspect, waiting for confirmation of your negative prophecy. Which will arrive, for sure!

  1. Allow yourself to lie, to cheat, not to keep his word

The end always justifies the means. A lot of people lies and cheats, so why can't you do it as well?

  1. Blame others

Don't take responsibility for your mistakes, don't recognize them neither. Blame others, imponderable, circumstances beyond your control... In this way, you will avoid "troubles" like the analysis of feedback, learning from the experience, the building of new competencies, leadership, team spirit.

So, what behaviours will you adopt for a beautiful 2017? Will you follow my advices or will you strive to live a New Year of discovery, development, success, research, trust, calculated risks, responsibilities, ethics, example, commitment?

What do you choose to live?

What are you willing to change?

What will you want to have learned, at the end of year?

What do you want to have achieved, at the end of 2017?






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