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trova l'errore

It's too easy. As easy as useless.

I speak about the frantic search and the consequent satisfaction in highlighting others’ failures, without knowing to do better. I speak of the tranchant judgment without getting own hands dirty, I think about getting in the chair without being a model , about considering himself the competition judge. It is said that in Italy, the day after a major football match, there are sixty million coaches who discuss; personally I found this attitude, with varying frequencies, in all the countries where I got to work.

Clearly, it’s a degeneration, frustrating for both its victims and those who attend the skits, which are always the same: there is sadism, childishness, superficiality, and very often false pity. Even I, who am not able to draw, I could find dozens of errors in the frescoes of the Sistine Chapel, or, not knowing the music, could comment burrs in a live by Petrucciani. I repeat: too easy and useless.

Why am I talking about it? Because I have witnessed, in recent weeks and in different contexts, in various proceedings, absurd criticisms, in some cases even calling "witnesses". The effects? Disastrous: it takes months to re-motivate people, to make them regain their esteem, dedication, projection, attachment to the role and to the company. Is it possible that the scrupulous Torquemada in turn doesn’t realize this, doesn’t realize how much his attitude is harmful for the company (considering just the business performances, without arriving at conclusions about personal behavior, respect and ethics)? And here I come back on a very important concept for me: the role modeling, already treated in a post. This attitude risks to become THE attitude, the way to manage people, projects, results, crisis, with deleterious effects for the entire organization

Did you ever attend one of these searches of errors?

How did you feel?

If, on the other hand, you was its author, what would you do differently, having read my post?






2 Responses to “Trova l’errore”

  1. Michele Pianese ha detto:

    Questo atteggiamento perennemente critico, direi disfattista, è molto frequente ed io lo constato frequentemente in ospedale. Secondo me è dovuto ad un’insoddisfazione di fondo causata da scarsa remunerazione e scarsa motivazione. Sono ambedue legate alle condizioni precarie in cui versa l’azienda e a una politica aziendale che non valorizza i singoli. È come stare in viaggio su una nave in un viaggio lungo e scomodo, col mare agitato e senza una meta o un approdo in vista. Prima o poi si va in “burn out” e si comincia a imprecare contro la nave o il capitano, così come con gli,altri marinai.

  2. gianfranconocilla ha detto:

    Carissimo Michele,
    grazie molte per il tuo contributo. Le tue parole mi rimandano subito alle giornate trascorse in ospedale per le valutazioni del rischio di stress lavoro-correlato. Sicuramente il contesto ospedaliero è duro e “scomodo”, ma sono fermamente convinto che una classe dirigente sensibile a queste tematiche e consapevole degli effetti dei propri atteggiamenti può fare la differenza.

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